UMEKO danced the CHANSEY Dance! (umeko_pyon) wrote,
UMEKO danced the CHANSEY Dance!

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  • Wed, 15:35: Is it worth it to buy Smash Ultimate today (rather than waiting for a better price or whatever) so that I can get Piranha Plant?
  • Wed, 15:40: ok I'm gonna pick up Smash tonight, but I'm buying it in Delaware so I at least don't have to pay sales tax mwahahaaaa
  • Wed, 16:32: Several Christmas seasons ago there was a radio ad for a grocery store that featured talking cranberries and I swea…
  • Wed, 19:30: POKEMON FRUIT SNACKS!! Is this 1998??????
  • Wed, 23:41: This is random, but I wish English-speaking Doremi fandom would stop calling the Dokka~n! transformation item a "Co…
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