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  • Wed, 12:15: One time, ages ago, someone on @Bulbapedia made the typo "Chimcar" and in staff chat everyone was all like "lol what's a chimcar"
  • Wed, 13:33: My brother: "I didn't realize Light and L were different characters."
  • Wed, 13:42: Maybe I'm alone here, but it doesn't really matter to me that the Netflix Death Note is American-based?
  • Wed, 14:03: Death Note fandom 2006: Zac Efron should play Light!!! Death Note fandom 2017: WHY IS SOME WHITE KID PLAYING LIGHT
  • Wed, 20:29: I've started showing my brother Love Live (finally) and even though I'm rewatching it for the nth time I still cry over these bbys
  • Wed, 20:30: So far my brother's best girls are Umi and Maki.
  • Wed, 22:13: RT @WFRainbows: now that's some typo
  • Thu, 09:30: Management: *calls asking questions about the server* Management: *speaks exclusively to male coworker who doesn't know computers* ok
  • Thu, 09:35: It's funny how I was always the go-to person they called about computer issues for this branch, until they hired a man.
  • Thu, 10:44: oh my god
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