UMEKO danced the CHANSEY Dance! (umeko_pyon) wrote,
UMEKO danced the CHANSEY Dance!

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  • Mon, 12:09: ok, not a spoiler, but in V3 the SHSL Tennis Player is named Ryoma and he has a voice clip where he says "mada mada dana" coincidence?
  • Mon, 12:18: RT @JarrieBradshaw: #boycottbudwiser is trending... Trump supporters boycotting something they can't spell should be all the #MondayMotiv
  • Mon, 19:22: Overheard: "Lately it kind of seems like it's staying light out longer and longer!" Yes, that tends to happen after the winter solstice...
  • Mon, 20:08: this... this is a thing.........
  • Tue, 09:26: I just realized that playing Hangman's Gambit in Japanese is going to be the death of me. Let's hope they didn't "improve" it more in V3...
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