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UMEKO danced the CHANSEY Dance!

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  • Sun, 12:50: Banking PSA: Remember to properly date your checks with 2017! Accidentally dating them January 2016 technically auto-voids them.
  • Sun, 13:35: hey, uh... I know you kids think you're staring at Cinderella but she's on the literal other side of the park
  • Sun, 20:23: That feel when a song you want to add to your YouTube playlist doesn't have an official music video upload 😭
  • Sun, 23:59: I just barely made my own deadline and successfully uploaded the Hinata's birthday chapter on Hinata's birthday GO ME
  • Mon, 00:01: I've already made significant progress in my monthly goal haha watch me stop writing for a full week because of it
  • Mon, 00:21: This is a video that was in my Youtube suggestions. Is it okay if I go with the assumption that I was indirectly r…
  • Mon, 01:36: wendy's stahp I love you but what are you doing
  • Mon, 01:42: the very definition of a clickbait thumbnail (I mean, I assume so, at least. Still haven't gotten far in Sun/Moon…
  • Mon, 01:50: goddammit pikablu you caused an inconvenience to me seven and a half years later
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