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  • Wed, 16:04: Okay, so, why has the Yuri on Ice fandom latched so tightly onto the "Yuuri" and "Viktor" spellings? They've been l…
  • Wed, 17:47: I kind of want to make an AMV set to Book of Mormon music. Featuring Harley from Pokemon and Olaf from Frozen.
  • Wed, 18:33: Yuri on Ice episode 10: *SCREAMING FOREVERRRRRR*
  • Wed, 18:55: I know everyone's all about the Victuri and all but can we talk about Otabek looking like he has no idea how to us…
  • Wed, 19:24: RT @patriciaahome: Yurio: I was dragged into a dance floor Also Yurio: #YuriOnIce
  • Wed, 21:06: RT @smolotom: I feel like Victor should've responded like this lmfaoo #YuriOnIce
  • Wed, 21:10: whoops my finger slipped what happened to my icon
  • Wed, 21:12: RT @mekabu_yoi_: 私「この気持ちは愛だと気づく同人誌かこ」 公式「しときました」 私「初キスする同人誌かこ」 公式「しました」 私「プロポーズする同人誌かこ」 公式「しました」 私「もうええわ!!💢💢💢💢結婚させたるわ!てめーらにはむりだろ!」 公式「やりました…
  • Wed, 21:17: yurio should be flower girl y/y?? #YuriOnIce
  • Wed, 23:15: Now, I'm not going to say YOI is AOTY, because I still firmly believe that title belongs to Re:ZERO. but godDAMN is it putting up a fight
  • Thu, 11:39: (Unpopular?) opinion: I don't really care if Otabek/Yurio goes the gay route or not
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