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  • Mon, 19:46: RT @WFRainbows: rainbows kirigiri doodle
  • Mon, 22:38: I'm still really sad......... goddammit kodaka
  • Mon, 22:39: RT @nunzelda: last episode of dangan ronpa 3 is just the whole fandom signing a collective suicide pact and kodaka saying "its just a prank…
  • Mon, 22:41: RT @SpikeChunsoft_e: The five stages of grief: Stage one - Denial.
  • Mon, 22:47: seriously though today's DR3 messed me up so bad I feel like nothing's real anymore because that can't be real so nothing's real
  • Mon, 22:56: RT @oiyosan: ダンガンロンパ、すぐキャラ死なすのやめて、みんなでケーキ食べたり砂場で遊んだり山に早朝に森の中でカブトムシ捕まえたりする話をやってほしい。
  • Tue, 00:37: So I was playing around on a Japanese name site and uh um... really?
  • Tue, 08:16: Danganronpa fandom needs to stop using the term "NG code." It's dumb and inaccurate and stupidly Anglo-centric and doesn't make any sense.
  • Tue, 09:55: A year later, still wondering.
  • Tue, 10:20: While reading the new Cardcaptor Sakura manga, it's so weird to see the characters using smartphones... XD;;
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