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  • Thu, 11:01: *peeks at some Japanese DR3 livetweets* *tries not to* gOD I AM SO HYPE THO????
  • Thu, 11:09: RT @kazkodaka: 絶望編4話のあとにダンガンロンパアニメの1巻に付いてた「苗木誠、人生最悪の日」を読むのもオススメ。なかなか敷居の高い楽しみ方だけどw #ダンガンロンパ
  • Thu, 11:10: >RT golly gee it sure would have been nice if @FUNimation included that extra with THEIR release, then... 😞
  • Thu, 11:33: customers be CRAZY all of a sudden jfc!! what's going on???
  • Thu, 11:54: am I even japaneseing correctly today I feel like I'm a little off oh god
  • Thu, 11:59: oh man I really wanna watch today's DR3 episode as soon as it's out why do I have to be a productive member of society who works till 5
  • Thu, 14:14: I hatched another Porygon!
  • Thu, 18:35: I tried taking over the level 6 gym across the street. It didn't work very well. (also I ran out of revives)
  • Thu, 18:47: I got this cupcake, it looks amazing
  • Fri, 09:50: I really wish I would move past the "sometimes misreads really basic kanji" phase
  • Fri, 10:15: After discussing some stuff with @CSakuraS last night, I am actually having some feels for Nagito Komaeda goddammit
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