UMEKO danced the CHANSEY Dance! (umeko_pyon) wrote,
UMEKO danced the CHANSEY Dance!

My tweets

  • Sat, 14:31: First page and I am already sick of these scanlators guess I'll buy the e-book
  • Sat, 16:47: I love willfully leading people astray regarding Danganronpa
  • Sat, 19:50: Holy shit, reading Nanoha Yougashiten I was expecting it to be episodic gag manga about sweets but that twist at the end of chapter 2?????
  • Sat, 21:57: Reading Nanoha Yougashiten was such a bad idea. I'm really craving mille-feuille now........
  • Sun, 00:40: My brother spent like ten minutes walking against a wall just to level up his tamagotchi in Danganronpa 2
  • Sun, 02:13: im wearing cute fuzzy socks to bed :"3
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