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UMEKO danced the CHANSEY Dance!

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  • Mon, 14:40: *looks at fanart of all the danganronpa kids being happy together because ;______;*
  • Mon, 15:42: this makes up for Walmart canceling my order of two AC packs today I didn't want Walmart to have my money ANYWAY
  • Mon, 19:33: Can't get over how adorable this is. I'm actually not a big fan of the Mario franchise and its spinoffs but aaaAAAA
  • Mon, 20:54: Wait a second. In Danganronpa, what was in the morgue cabinet belonging to case 2's murderer???
  • Mon, 22:37:
  • Mon, 23:27: I got a PSP game from Gamefly and now I can't find my working PSP charger welp......
  • Mon, 23:31: VOTE STEVEN STONE NOW!! ダイゴさんへの投票を!!
  • Tue, 11:51: "Can you give me some new 100's without this blue mark on them?" "Nnno... That's one of the anti-counterfeiting measures on the new bills"
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