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  • Fri, 13:33: "Togami... flipped the table, before running, and attempting to ollie out the window before hitting the steel and falling to the ground." I
  • Fri, 13:49: I just read this fic expanding on Danganronpa's bad end and just yes so perfect so so perfect
  • Fri, 16:24: Today my coworkers brought in cupcakes for my birthday. I took a lactaid before eating one but I don't think it worked......;;;;;
  • Fri, 16:43: I have half a mind to call the pizza parlor next door and tell them to stop making their pizza smell so delicious because I can't eat it
  • Fri, 19:54: oh... okay
  • Fri, 19:58: whiiiiiiines but I don't WANT to talk to a real person!
  • Fri, 21:35: Siri is dumb
  • Fri, 22:07: My stomach is really angry at me tonight. Okay, no more cupcakes.
  • Sat, 01:03: Have to get to sleep because I have work at 8 am, but I have to stay with the dog tonight, and she won't stop howling. Sigh......
  • Sat, 07:24: RT @eel12: テニプリのGTTTでも書いた気がしますが、10歳差とかの年の差カップルって凄いで好きです。と言うわけでまたダイハル。
  • Sat, 07:56: 9月12日ニューヨークで劇場版ラブライブ見にくる日本人のラブライバーさんいませんかーo(*゚▽゚*)o 特に仲間同士の女子ライバーさんと会いたいね!! 一緒にニューヨークで楽しもうね!!! #ラブライブ #lovelive
  • Sat, 08:54: The new hangman's gambit system in Danganronpa 2 is such bullshit omfg who decided that was a good idea
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