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  • Tue, 08:56: RT @colagby: カブトムシに飛び乗ってロデオするカエル。これセットして撮ったわけではなく、インドネシアでたまたま撮れたみたい。カエルほんと楽しんでるようにみえるからすごい。
  • Tue, 09:01: I need more post-Despair fics that don't have SDR2 spoilers
  • Tue, 10:58: btw, as of that Kotori pull the other day, all three of my main units now have 12% boost centers yaaaay #スクフェス
  • Tue, 10:59: Tho I would prefer if my main teams all had my babies as centers... Up until a while ago Honoka was the Smile center and Rin was Cool... sob
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