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  • Thu, 09:14: idly wonders which #ACNL villager will host my birthday party......
  • Thu, 10:14: Some fandoms have an excellent setup for fanfic, and some don't. Danganronpa is one of the former so I'm actually excited to explore the Pit
  • Thu, 10:15: That feel when you play the Vita for a few days, then wonder why your 3DS A-button presses aren't working, then realize you're pressing B
  • Thu, 10:47: oh this looks wonderful
  • Thu, 10:58: "he picked up his jeans ... (Naegi slept in his boxers)... and pulled them up to fit snug against his buttocks and crotch area."
  • Thu, 10:59: "I am excited to explore the Pit" famous last words
  • Thu, 11:00: Why do we need two and a half paragraphs detailing Makoto dressing himself ummmmmmmmm
  • Thu, 11:01: "Naegi stepped outside his bathroom to find his hoodie folded on the dresser with his shoes on top of it." wHY WOULD YOU PUT YOUR SHOES--
  • Thu, 11:27: "I can ask Fujisaki-san if she's into computers and such." GOSH I WONDER IF CHIHIRO FUJISAKI LIKES COMPUTERS HMMMMMMMMMMMMM
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