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  • Sat, 12:55: A bit belated, but here's my #Otakon haul! Thinking of selling/trading the ones still packaged :V
  • Sat, 12:57: Oh, but it would be pretty cute to have fox!Eli and rabbit!Umi together... \(//∇//)\
  • Sat, 13:26: Me: Do you have Allentown on your music player? Brother: Not on this playlist. Me: We need to lay it when we drive by Allentown!
  • Sat, 13:27: Brother: Is it the same Allentown? Me: uh YES? The lyrics even mention Bethlehem?
  • Sat, 13:52: My brother told me to look through his songs and pick one. When I chose this one he said, "I KNEW you'd do that!"
  • Sat, 13:55: Me: These are songs you play for the kids at camp, right? Brother: Yeah. Me: You have an explicit Pink song on here!
  • Sat, 13:57: My brother insisted there wasn't any bad words in the song despite being marked "explicit," so I put it on. Song: "...shit..." Me: SEE???
  • Sat, 13:57: Brother: I should get the original edit of "Forget You" for them now.
  • Sat, 14:02: So okay, in my brother's defense, these songs are for Musical Jeopardy and he only plays a small part of the song (not the explicit part)
  • Sat, 14:22: Brother: There are 3 songs on there I knew you'd play if you found them, and you've found 2 of them... Me: Now I HAVE to find the 3rd! B: NO
  • Sat, 14:24: The first two songs were "Never Gonna Give You Up" and "What's Going On" Me: FOUND IT!! Brother: NOOOO *"Friday" starts playing*
  • Sat, 14:25: I played a different song after Friday, and after that one, random shuffle... chose to play Friday again.
  • Sat, 14:28: "We're All in This Together" came up on shuffle, so after that was done I connected my iPad and played a song. Brother: OH GOD WHAT IS THIS
  • Sat, 14:29: Me: It's the voice actors of Edward Elric and Roy Mustang singing "We're All in This Together" in Japanese. Brother: ......WHY
  • Sat, 15:00: CONFIRMED: The new Pokemon is Slime-Form Pichu
  • Sat, 19:50: It is freaking cold here in the mountains. Either @MAGNEDETH has been lying about the weather or he needs to wear more shorts.
  • Sat, 20:36: Always hilarious when twitter suggests I follow Joe when I'm on Deth's page.
  • Sat, 21:19: All you non-Americans just do not understand how important this American pastime is
  • Sat, 21:26: ??????�???
  • Sat, 21:30: RT @VietnamCrystal: LITTLE STRAWBERRY ME BABY
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