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  • Thu, 22:52: RT @COZqqq: めっちゃタイバニ観たい
  • Thu, 23:50: @animenext Is the TRIGGER autographs on Sunday an overflow? I can only attend on Sun but won't if there's no chance of getting autographs...
  • Fri, 00:05: Gonna try and get TRIGGER's autographs on Sunday. \o/ Considering getting my Scissor Blade signed, but idk if I wanna carry that around...
  • Fri, 00:06: also it's not official merchandise so idk if it's kosher to ask them to sign it;;;;;;
  • Fri, 00:10: but I do definitely want Sushio and Hori to sign Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n! vol 9 mm-hmm is it weird to do that for one episode they worked on
  • Fri, 00:10: mirai-san tho
  • Fri, 00:12: *volume 10, not volume 9 episode 40 is on volume 10 im dumb
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