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  • Fri, 17:38: Trying not to let my love for my OTP seep through, since May and Saph are different characters. it's so hard though.
  • Fri, 18:00: I just got this sudden, burning desire to go to the Battle Frontier. too bad it's NOT IN ORAS
  • Fri, 19:58: one of these days I'll finish working on this trash. one of these days......
  • Fri, 20:47: #Hoennchampionshipping headcanon: Haruka is from Goldenrod and speaks the dialect typical of the area, but it embarrasses her a bit...
  • Fri, 20:48: when she moves to Hoenn she makes efforts to speak standard Japanese all the time, though she tends to slip up when emotional.
  • Fri, 20:50: Then one day she gets flustered around Daigo and he discovers her accent... \(//∇//)\ aaaaaaaa so moeeeeeeeeee #Hoennchampionshipping
  • Fri, 20:52: RT @imada_kouji: 1作目:ハリーポッターとなんだこの石は 2作目:ハリーポッターとなんだこの部屋は 3作目:ハリーポッターとなんだこの犬は 4作目:ハリーポッターとなんだこのコップは 5作目:ハリーポッターと誰だこの人達は 6作目:ハリーポッターと誰だこの人は …
  • Sat, 00:00: I just used Twine to build some Tomodachi Life relationship maps so I know who can get my ships together you guys are right i'm in too deep
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