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  • Sun, 17:41: My second legendary! \o/ #PokemonRumble #3DS
  • Sun, 19:20: Not sure how I feel about all this blatant mistranslation to make Nozomi less offensive, haha. #スクフェス
  • Sun, 22:57: Spent the past few days devouring the Oremonogatari manga and now I have to wait for volume 8 to come out on ebook fffffffffffffffff
  • Mon, 00:33: that feel when you search for fanfic of ur #KillLaKill OTP and you just stumble upon that dumb Mako theory again
  • Mon, 00:53: I literally have no idea when I can talk about what my kill la kill OTP is without it being a spoiler.
  • Mon, 00:54: "AU where everything is normal." SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT AU (seriously what does this even mean)
  • Mon, 02:09: remember that one time someone wanted to crash a plane into Bulbapedia because we wouldn't change Lugia's page to say it was a water-type?
  • Mon, 02:11: I wonder why I've largely disconnected myself from Pokemon fandom
  • Mon, 02:15: RT @MAGNEDETH: @Umekopyon - Because you encountered too many people wanting to crash planes into websites.
  • Mon, 02:45: "I've watched!" ok but you really need to think twice before you have Sanageyama say things like this. #KillLaKill
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