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  • Thu, 14:20: this morning I FINALLY beat Stage 90 in Pokemon Shuffle and my world is so much brighter *_*
  • Thu, 14:28: Pokemon Shuffle stage 90: Mega Audino + Charmander + Charmeleon + Combusken. After that it's just luck, but not impossible luck.
  • Thu, 17:01: Me: I'm the head translator at a Pokemon site... Coworker: Why isn't that on your resume?! Me: It is! C: Why don't you have a better job?!!
  • Thu, 17:02: Coworker: You could be working for the government! You could have a GUN, Kirsten!! haha I don't want a gun though...
  • Thu, 18:45: RT @idiosyncritic: It always frustrates me when people write WWII as WW11. When did these nine other world wars happen and why wasn't I inf…
  • Thu, 18:46: RT @AmiiboNews: Win an Ike Amiibo From Amiibo News! Follow and Retweet to Enter! Contest Winner Selected 3/2/2015. Good Luck!
  • Thu, 19:28: I've been searching out Yamato/Jou fanfic and what is with this headcanon people seem to have that Jou's dad is physically abusive??? um.
  • Thu, 19:29: We never even see Jou's dad iirc, the most you get from his passing mentions is that he seems to be the stereotypical...
  • Thu, 19:30: ...Asian parent pushing their kid to succeed. where do people get the idea that he beats Jou idgi
  • Thu, 21:13: RT @GoIchinose: 19年なのねー!
  • Thu, 22:34: I just beat the Donphan level in Pokemon Shuffle without making a single move......
  • Fri, 01:13: It just occurred to me that kids nowadays seeing the old 1998 Pokerap probably won't know that it was actually shown in five different parts
  • Fri, 01:16: The five segments of the Pokerap aired at the end of TV episodes and ended with "BE SURE TO WATCH MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY TO SEE ALL OF THEM!"
  • Fri, 01:20: btw HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY @POKEMON!!!
  • Fri, 01:24: I can never remember if Pokemon's anniversary is the 26th or the 27th so instead of looking it up I just tweet kind of in the middle I guess
  • Fri, 02:26: HT @Junichi_Masuda Nineteen years ago today, on February 27. "Pocket Monsters Red and Green" went on sale in (cont)
  • Fri, 02:27: there, I ended up staying way longer than I should have, just to translate that for you all. the things I do for this fandom. Good night!
  • Fri, 09:06: RT @Junichi_Masuda: Thank you for translating! RT @Umekopyon: HT @Junichi_Masuda Nineteen years ago today, on February 27. (cont) http://t…
  • Fri, 09:07: hdgjfhdkshc SEMPAI NOTICED MEEEEEEEEEEE
  • Fri, 10:40: Professor: "ihr fahrt..." *several students snicker* come on guys, I thought you graduated from elementary school.
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