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Hikaru no Go episodes 29-34

Same deal as before, me and csakuras rewatching Hikaru no Go~~ Covered here: episodes 29 through 34!

(10:09:58 PM) Cynthia: man...I can't believe we're already so close to the pro exam episodes. Hikaru just became an insei yesterday! D:
(10:11:11 PM) Cynthia: marathoning the show really makes me feel how quick Hikaru's growth as a player is. he becomes a pro like...two years after he started playing?
(10:13:07 PM) Me: not even
(10:13:11 PM) Me: more like a year and a half

(11:03:38 PM) Cynthia: I'm ready : )
(11:04:14 PM) Me: so am I!
(11:04:25 PM) Cynthia: play?
(11:04:29 PM) Me: *play*
(11:06:11 PM) Cynthia: oh yeah...all of Hikaru no Go is streaming on Netflix now
(11:06:15 PM) Me: :O
(11:06:25 PM) Cynthia: so I guess I'll watch the rest there once I run out of DVDs...
(11:06:39 PM) Me: is it in Japanese or dubbed?
(11:07:08 PM) Cynthia: uhh not sure
(11:07:13 PM) Cynthia: but I think Japanese?
(11:07:19 PM) Me: hmmm
(11:07:29 PM) Cynthia: guess I'll find out? :-D;
(11:07:36 PM) Me: hahaha, all right then~
(11:08:13 PM) Cynthia: mindrape for Waya
(11:08:17 PM) Me: yesss
(11:09:04 PM) Me: he didn't even realize he was watching
(11:09:09 PM) Cynthia: it's okay, Hikaru. you did well
(11:09:13 PM) Cynthia: :-D
(11:09:34 PM) Me: Akira unleases his stalking skills on Ogata
(11:09:37 PM) Cynthia: it's because there's FISH
(11:10:42 PM) Cynthia: he buys fish food and then wants to go out for sushi?
(11:10:48 PM) Me: ahahaha
(11:11:22 PM) Me: GET IN MAH CAR
(11:11:25 PM) Me: LITTLE BOY
(11:11:30 PM) Cynthia: oh Akira, you're still as obsessed as ever
(11:11:53 PM) Me: and still as good at pissing people off without trying!
(11:11:57 PM) Cynthia: Akira really has no tact with these things
(11:12:12 PM) Cynthia: poor guy XD
(11:12:28 PM) Me: +1 mindrape
(11:13:09 PM) Cynthia: man that's really fast
(11:13:17 PM) Me: Is there really a McDonald's near the Kiin?
(11:13:22 PM) Cynthia: lol the NcDonalds sign was subtitled
(11:13:26 PM) Me: ahahaha
(11:14:07 PM) Me: hahahaha Ochi
(11:14:23 PM) Cynthia: Ochi would make an excellent ghost
(11:14:27 PM) Cynthia: he'd haunt the bathrooms
(11:14:42 PM) Me: hahaha XD
(11:14:59 PM) Me: Hikaru~~
(11:15:07 PM) Cynthia: :-D
(11:16:11 PM) Me: XDDD Fuku
(11:16:17 PM) Cynthia: XD
(11:16:33 PM) Me: Hikaru XD
(11:16:54 PM) Cynthia: you'd think if you saw everyone else bowing, he'd have enough sense to do it too
(11:16:59 PM) Me: inorite?
(11:17:31 PM) Cynthia: Kuwabara sees dead people
(11:17:39 PM) Me: it's because he's almost dead himself
(11:17:43 PM) Me: /awful
(11:17:43 PM) Cynthia: pffffft XD
(11:18:23 PM) Me: wow they made absolutely no attempt to make Isumi's mouth sync there
(11:20:16 PM) Cynthia: :-D
(11:20:45 PM) Me: :DDD
(11:22:28 PM) Cynthia: tbh I don't really care about Ogata VS Kuwabara
(11:22:32 PM) Me: same
(11:23:46 PM) Cynthia: ...was that Sakurai?
(11:23:52 PM) Cynthia: or am I just hearing him EVERYWHERE now
(11:23:53 PM) Me: HE'S EVERYWHERE
(11:25:08 PM) Cynthia: ...who?
(11:25:10 PM) Me: Kadowaki herp derp
(11:25:16 PM) Cynthia: ohhh this guy
(11:29:06 PM) Me: AGAIN
(11:29:12 PM) Cynthia: XD
(11:29:30 PM) Cynthia: why do the subtitles say "Ogata Sensei" when Akira is calling him Ogata-san...?
(11:29:45 PM) Me: oh Viz
(11:30:31 PM) Cynthia: in this episode, Sai opens another spot in the pro exams by scaring the crap out of Kadowaki for a year
(11:30:42 PM) Me: I CAN'T WAIT
(11:30:58 PM) Me: he has Kamina eyelashes
(11:31:04 PM) Cynthia: OMG
(11:31:08 PM) Cynthia: can't unsee
(11:31:11 PM) Me: XDDD
(11:31:59 PM) Cynthia: imagining him with a heart-patterned shirt now
(11:32:07 PM) Me: hsgjdhhahaha
(11:32:34 PM) Cynthia: perv
(11:32:54 PM) Me: ojisan XD
(11:33:02 PM) Cynthia: XD
(11:33:23 PM) Me: YAY SAI
(11:33:49 PM) Me: aaaaa I like how Sai appeared during that pan right there
(11:34:14 PM) Me: you're going to regret this later, Hikaru
(11:34:32 PM) Cynthia: ^^;
(11:35:01 PM) Me: Sai doesn't even need to say the numbers anymore :D
(11:35:13 PM) Cynthia: :-D
(11:35:40 PM) Cynthia: *snore*
(11:35:50 PM) Me: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
(11:36:37 PM) Me: wily old man
(11:37:40 PM) Cynthia: jeez
(11:39:18 PM) Me: he's playing mindgames
(11:39:22 PM) Me: can you outcreep him, Ogata?
(11:40:16 PM) Cynthia: >: (
(11:41:58 PM) Me: I lvoe this parttttt
(11:42:16 PM) Cynthia: XD
(11:43:37 PM) Cynthia: ...abayo, dachikou
(11:43:44 PM) Me: ffffffffffffffffffff
(11:44:55 PM) Cynthia: oh shut up
(11:45:24 PM) Me: I'll need to get something eat after this, because they are putting me to sleeeeeep
(11:45:32 PM) Me: oh, well it's oever anyway
(11:45:34 PM) Cynthia: XD
(11:47:16 PM) Me: IT BEGINS
(11:47:30 PM) Cynthia: WOOH
(11:48:50 PM) Me: anata no hitomi no chikara de~
(11:48:57 PM) Me: watashi wa kawatteikou~
(11:50:03 PM) Me: huh, for some reason I thought Kojima was good enough to bypass the prelims
(11:50:06 PM) Cynthia: NEW OP!!!
(11:50:11 PM) Me: WAIT WAIT
(11:50:14 PM) Cynthia: I love this OP :-D
(11:50:19 PM) Cynthia: ??
(11:50:20 PM) Cynthia: OKAY
(11:50:32 PM) Me: also I'm going to get something to eat real quick
(11:50:33 PM) Cynthia: I'll go back to the beginning of the OP
(11:50:35 PM) Cynthia: kay!
(11:55:25 PM) Me: I don't understand why Ogata gets a DVD label to himself when Akira hasn't had one yet
(11:55:41 PM) Cynthia: o.o
(11:56:34 PM) Me: okay, I'm ready to press play when you are!
(11:56:53 PM) Cynthia: *play!*
(11:57:48 PM) Me: Akari ;_;
(11:57:57 PM) Me: aaaaaaaaaa
(11:57:59 PM) Me: Saiiii
(11:58:04 PM) Cynthia: ;___;
(11:58:16 PM) Me: I've always loved Akira adjusting his sleeve right there
(11:58:18 PM) Me: idk why
(11:59:47 PM) Cynthia: except there will be ADULTS this time...
(6/18/2011 12:00:01 AM) Cynthia: D:
(12:00:26 AM) Me: Tsubakiiii
(12:00:59 AM) Me: that one guy with the stubble dod NOT look younger than 20
(12:01:01 AM) Me: *30
(12:01:10 AM) Cynthia: I know o.o
(12:01:38 AM) Me: HOLY HELL THAT'S A GUY??
(12:01:49 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:02:09 AM) Me: uh-ohhhhhh
(12:03:21 AM) Cynthia: oh hey I'm 24 now
(12:03:25 AM) Me: OH
(12:03:28 AM) Me: HAPPY BIRTHDAY
(12:03:31 AM) Me: \o/
(12:03:33 AM) Cynthia: XD thanks
(12:03:37 AM) Me: are you going to Florida, btw?
(12:03:43 AM) Cynthia: XD no
(12:03:46 AM) Me: XDD
(12:03:54 AM) Me: Nase XDD
(12:04:00 AM) Me: Tsubaki-kun XDDD
(12:04:14 AM) Me: somehow that sounds so weird
(12:04:21 AM) Cynthia: yes XD
(12:05:07 AM) Cynthia: XD Nase
(12:06:14 AM) Cynthia: it would seriously suck to have someone do this to you D:
(12:06:19 AM) Me: yeah DDDD:
(12:08:22 AM) Cynthia: poor Hikaru
(12:08:35 AM) Me: FLOWERS ARE COOL
(12:10:36 AM) Cynthia: POOR HIKARU
(12:10:39 AM) Me: poor Hikaru DD:
(12:13:01 AM) Cynthia: Nase is really pissed XD
(12:13:07 AM) Me: XDDD
(12:14:18 AM) Me: DDD:
(12:14:32 AM) Me: He will indeed trip...
(12:14:36 AM) Cynthia: he didn't even tell her XDDD
(12:14:40 AM) Me: oh Mitsuko XDD
(12:15:34 AM) Cynthia: I feel bad for her : (
(12:15:39 AM) Me: yeah DD:
(12:16:00 AM) Me: poor Mitsuko
(12:16:47 AM) Me: ahaha
(12:17:21 AM) Me: aaaaaaaaaaaaa new ED too!!
(12:17:41 AM) Me: THOSE LEGGINGS
(12:17:56 AM) Cynthia: XDD
(12:19:33 AM) Me: SPOILERS
(12:19:36 AM) Me: HIKARU LOSES
(12:19:49 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:22:29 AM) Me: ffffff
(12:22:51 AM) Me: there's something off about the animation this episode
(12:24:21 AM) Me: Tsubakiiiiii
(12:27:23 AM) Cynthia: wow thanks dad
(12:27:44 AM) Me: ahahaha
(12:27:52 AM) Me: that's his whole reason?
(12:28:20 AM) Cynthia: my son gay?
(12:28:36 AM) Me: *cracking up so hard now thanks*
(12:28:41 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:29:28 AM) Cynthia: :-D
(12:29:31 AM) Me: \o/
(12:30:36 AM) Cynthia: :-D
(12:32:22 AM) Me: Suyonnnnnnnnn
(12:33:38 AM) Me: oh his name is Iijima
(12:33:42 AM) Me: not Kojima
(12:33:46 AM) Me: whoops
(12:35:07 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:37:15 AM) Cynthia: lol
(12:37:20 AM) Me: hahaha
(12:37:32 AM) Me: ahahha
(12:38:03 AM) Me: I want a magnetic go board!
(12:38:06 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:39:35 AM) Me: yaaaaaay Nase!
(12:39:42 AM) Me: And Fuku! \o/
(12:41:29 AM) Me: is that the end of your DVD?
(12:41:57 AM) Cynthia: yup :O
(12:42:11 AM) Me: I've paused at the beginning of the OP
(12:42:19 AM) Me: and I'll actually brb real quick~
(12:44:58 AM) Me: okay back!
(12:45:29 AM) Cynthia: okay, gimme a sec
(12:45:35 AM) Me: okay~
(12:46:52 AM) Cynthia: play?
(12:47:09 AM) Me: *play!*
(12:50:06 AM) Cynthia: I looove this part
(12:50:09 AM) Me: :DDD
(12:50:20 AM) Cynthia: where they're going to go salons as a team
(12:50:35 AM) Me: yesss :D
(12:51:58 AM) Me: heeeeeeeeee!
(12:53:39 AM) Cynthia: have you noticed that every time Hikaru is in a team, their hair colors are primary colors?
(12:53:50 AM) Me: pffffftahahahaha
(12:54:06 AM) Me: not for the Hokuto Cup!
(12:54:15 AM) Cynthia: :O oh yeah
(12:55:28 AM) Me: just now, he reminded me of Kotetsu
(12:55:31 AM) Me: and now I can't unsee
(12:55:48 AM) Cynthia: XDD
(12:57:09 AM) Me: awww, Isumiii XDD
(1:00:22 AM) Me: waaaah that was actually a little creepy
(1:00:31 AM) Cynthia: o.o?
(1:00:39 AM) Me: the way his eyes glowed XD
(1:00:58 AM) Cynthia: lol waya
(1:01:00 AM) Me: hahaha
(1:02:30 AM) Cynthia: so cute how they all sorta adopt him
(1:02:34 AM) Me: yeah XDD
(1:03:54 AM) Me: boyssssssss XDDD
(1:05:05 AM) Cynthia: XD
(1:05:27 AM) Cynthia: I love how these guys get all fired up too
(1:05:31 AM) Me: yeah XDDD
(1:07:06 AM) Me: boys XDDD
(1:07:45 AM) Cynthia: it wouldve been easier on Isumi's wallet if he just chose ramen XD
(1:07:48 AM) Me: poor Isumi XDDD
(1:09:49 AM) Cynthia: Akira is badass
(1:09:56 AM) Cynthia: brb bathroom
(1:10:04 AM) Me: okay~
(1:10:29 AM) Me: I'll pause at the beginning of the OP
(1:15:40 AM) Cynthia: back!
(1:15:43 AM) Cynthia: play?
(1:16:30 AM) Cynthia: ?
(1:19:47 AM) Cynthia: ??
(1:20:24 AM) Me: oh fffffffffff
(1:20:33 AM) Me: I forgot my AIM doesn't have sound
(1:20:42 AM) Me: I was looking away waiting for the alert sound XDDDDD
(1:20:47 AM) Cynthia: XD
(1:20:56 AM) Me: I'M READY TO PLAY
(1:20:58 AM) Me: *play*
(1:23:38 AM) Me: eeeeeeeeeeeeee this episodeeeeeeeeeee
(1:23:53 AM) Cynthia: :-D
(1:24:08 AM) Cynthia: Hikaru is good for business
(1:24:13 AM) Me: yes hahaha
(1:24:42 AM) Cynthia: pffft those kids
(1:24:45 AM) Me: his clothes are actually pretty normal!
(1:26:10 AM) Me: HOW DARE HE
(1:26:10 AM) Cynthia: GASP
(1:26:17 AM) Cynthia: aww
(1:27:27 AM) Me: I loooooooooove this episode
(1:27:58 AM) Me: I love it for the parallels between the two boys :D
(1:28:09 AM) Cynthia: yes :-D
(1:28:12 AM) Me: and you can actually see how close Hikaru is getting to Akira
(1:36:07 AM) Me: heeeeee
(1:36:26 AM) Cynthia: oh Akira
(1:38:05 AM) Me: hahahahahaha
(1:38:37 AM) Cynthia: OH AKIRA
(1:39:19 AM) Me: when it comes down to it, he's just a thirteen-year-old brat
(1:39:38 AM) Me: hahahaa
(1:40:22 AM) Me: the jacket looks so big on him
(1:42:25 AM) Me: I had to restart my media player so we're likely off-sync, but at this point in the episode it doesn't matter really XD
(1:42:52 AM) Cynthia: XD
(1:43:00 AM) Me: Aaaaaaaaaand I think I should be getting to bed
(1:43:22 AM) Me: we can get to Suyon tomorrow :DDDD
(1:43:32 AM) Cynthia: okay~

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