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Hikaru no Go episodes 7-28

So yeah, Cynthia and I have kept on watching Hikago~~ And since I haven't been posting the chat logs these past few days, this post will contain the backlog covering episodes seven through TWENTY-EIGHT.

I bet no one will actually read this but WHATEVER. \o/

(5:37:46 PM) Cynthia: suddenly, timeskip!
(5:38:03 PM) Me: I kind of wonder if anything interesting happened during those months that were skipped
(5:38:18 PM) Cynthia: This is a pen. Is this a pen? What is this?
(5:38:27 PM) Me: XD
(5:38:48 PM) Cynthia: that's a big poster :O
(5:38:57 PM) Me: it's just asking to be torn down
(5:39:01 PM) Me: quite honestly
(5:39:14 PM) Me: you don't just hog up so much space like that, guys XD
(5:39:14 PM) Cynthia: ewww\
(5:40:15 PM) Cynthia: they didn't print any extras?
(5:41:00 PM) Me: Pierrot really tend to mess up faces a bit too often during these earlier episodes XD
(5:41:11 PM) Cynthia: yeah... XD
(5:41:15 PM) Me: OHSHIT
(5:41:17 PM) Me: IT'S A STALKER
(5:41:37 PM) Me: RUN AWAY
(5:41:55 PM) Me: We have a Go club?
(5:41:57 PM) Me: ahaha
(5:42:11 PM) Cynthia: Akira, I don't think some random stupid is going to know a freshman
(5:42:12 PM) Me: +1 mindrape
(5:42:17 PM) Cynthia: *student
(5:42:21 PM) Me: same difference
(5:42:27 PM) Cynthia: lol
(5:42:46 PM) Cynthia: with one leg missing XD
(5:43:03 PM) Cynthia: gosh this club is so pitiful
(5:43:16 PM) Me: yarly XD
(5:44:00 PM) Me: oh god that huge cluster of dead black stones in the top right XD
(5:44:28 PM) Cynthia: Akira gets there just as Hikaru is losing XD
(5:44:42 PM) Me: translation: i love you
(5:44:47 PM) Cynthia: I'M ALWAYS THINKING OF YOU
(5:45:03 PM) Cynthia: I'M WAITING FOR YOUUU
(5:45:12 PM) Me: this was the exact moment when I realized that the fandom probably universally considered these two canon
(5:45:26 PM) Cynthia: and Hikaru is like GTFO
(5:45:27 PM) Me: +2 mindrape
(5:45:48 PM) Me: ohai sai
(5:45:49 PM) Me: you were there?
(5:46:26 PM) Cynthia: Akari: So who was that? Hikaru: Oh, just some stalker
(5:46:50 PM) Me: I love how they're both all like "I NEED TO CHASE HIM"
(5:47:57 PM) Cynthia: yeahhh the principal really didn't think this out very well
(5:48:15 PM) Me: I'd hate to be in that club
(5:48:33 PM) Cynthia: I know. doesn't look fun at all :/
(5:49:03 PM) Me: really, all the Kaio students we ever see are just complete assholes
(5:49:06 PM) Cynthia: SO COLORFUL
(5:49:50 PM) Me: Yun, you're making this wooooooooorse
(5:49:56 PM) Cynthia: he has a deep voice for a 7th grader
(5:50:02 PM) Me: actually
(5:50:08 PM) Cynthia: oh wait, 9th grader
(5:50:13 PM) Me: nah, Yun is just doing the best he can in the situation
(5:50:36 PM) Me: yay he's holding the stones correctly!
(5:50:42 PM) Cynthia: :-D
(5:50:56 PM) Me: Tsutsui XDDD
(5:50:59 PM) Cynthia: pfffft
(5:51:33 PM) Cynthia: you're stupid Hikaru you're so stupid stuuuupod
(5:51:44 PM) Me: I love this scene
(5:52:06 PM) Cynthia: just move the stone! 8D
(5:53:52 PM) Me: +1 mindrape?
(5:55:25 PM) Me: such a ladies' man
(5:55:39 PM) Me: but he also kind of sucks at it
(5:55:46 PM) Cynthia: XD
(5:57:59 PM) Cynthia: randomly, I wonder if there are any Go pros out there who got into Go entirely because of this anime/manga...
(5:58:08 PM) Cynthia: skip!
(5:58:12 PM) Me: I'm sure there are at this point
(5:58:31 PM) Me: I know that the popularity of Go skyrocketed because of Hikago
(5:58:38 PM) Cynthia: yeah
(5:59:08 PM) Me: and by this point I'm sure that a few of them would have made it to the pros
(5:59:24 PM) Cynthia: that's cool though, it's kinda like Sai actually existed for them like for Hikaru :-D
(5:59:33 PM) Me: yeah :DD
(5:59:57 PM) Me: I think I might be a little ahead of you
(6:00:08 PM) Me: I'm paused at the end of the OP
(6:00:41 PM) Cynthia: okay I'm caught up with you now :-D
(6:01:25 PM) Me: yay they finally got it!
(6:01:46 PM) Me: shoplady: why are you talking to nobody
(6:01:53 PM) Cynthia: XD
(6:01:58 PM) Cynthia: Othello lol
(6:02:08 PM) Me: I have Othello on my 3DS!
(6:02:14 PM) Me: but I really want Go on it instead 8(
(6:02:41 PM) Me: wonder how Touya's doing?
(6:02:54 PM) Me: well, he's doing just shittily in that dumb club
(6:03:50 PM) Me: Akira's already starting to look a little older
(6:03:56 PM) Cynthia: a fourth title isn't even a big deal to him
(6:04:01 PM) Cynthia: just a sec, phonecall
(6:04:07 PM) Me: okay
(6:07:52 PM) Me: I'll pay some SMJ invoices while you're gone
(6:07:57 PM) Me: let me know when you're back :V
(6:11:51 PM) Cynthia: back!
(6:12:15 PM) Cynthia: ready to play again?
(6:12:25 PM) Me: yup! where did you pause?
(6:12:47 PM) Cynthia: uhh when Akira's in his inner monologue?
(6:12:59 PM) Me: yeah, that's pretty much where I am
(6:13:04 PM) Me: good enough. *play!*
(6:13:46 PM) Me: oh man I forgot about this guy!
(6:13:55 PM) Me: he's the one Kaio student who isn't a complete asshole!!
(6:14:00 PM) Cynthia: yes :-D
(6:14:17 PM) Cynthia: wait, I think that one girl who saves Akira was pretty cool too
(6:14:58 PM) Me: I can't remember, I feel like she was kind of two-faced iirc? eh, we'll see.
(6:16:35 PM) Cynthia: what a nice guy : (
(6:16:39 PM) Me: yeah 8(
(6:16:49 PM) Cynthia: bawww
(6:17:33 PM) Me: ahahahah yesssssssss this is awesome
(6:18:07 PM) Me: "oh he's just an idiot"
(6:18:35 PM) Cynthia: fufufufu
(6:18:44 PM) Me: okay, this is a lengthy board shot that they DO need for once
(6:19:47 PM) Me: oh akira
(6:20:30 PM) Cynthia: fufufufufu
(6:20:33 PM) Me: hehehehe
(6:21:06 PM) Me: hahahahhaa
(6:21:13 PM) Cynthia: stuuuupid XD
(6:21:27 PM) Me: It's your turn! :D
(6:22:45 PM) Cynthia: THAT'S THE LAST STRAW
(6:24:21 PM) Cynthia: oh shut up Hikaru
(6:24:24 PM) Me: :/
(6:24:41 PM) Cynthia: Sai was a ladies man too?
(6:24:49 PM) Me: I believe it
(6:25:19 PM) Me: ahahhaa sai
(6:26:06 PM) Cynthia: I love this conversation about umbrellas :-D
(6:26:09 PM) Me: me too :D
(6:26:19 PM) Me: it actually just started raining here
(6:26:32 PM) Me: XDD
(6:26:33 PM) Cynthia: the moon???
(6:26:40 PM) Cynthia: XD
(6:26:43 PM) Me: You're lying Hikaru!
(6:26:50 PM) Me: Stop making fun of me!
(6:27:01 PM) Cynthia: But why are umbrellas still umbrellas?
(6:27:36 PM) Cynthia: these guys have no self-respect or honor :/
(6:27:57 PM) Cynthia: PIE
(6:28:19 PM) Cynthia: wait, the episode ends here? D:
(6:28:26 PM) Me: apparently D:
(6:30:54 PM) Cynthia: okay, that's enough for now. more later?
(6:30:57 PM) Me: sure~

(10:50:37 PM) Me: umm, we were about to start episode 9, right?
(10:50:55 PM) Cynthia: yup!
(10:51:12 PM) Me: okay!
(10:51:19 PM) Me: ready to start!
(10:51:35 PM) Cynthia: yay! *presses play*
(10:53:47 PM) Cynthia: that daruma keeps showing up
(10:54:06 PM) Me: yeah, I keep thinking how creepy it is with its missing eye 8(
(10:54:51 PM) Cynthia: jeez that's a messy room
(10:55:00 PM) Me: yeah really XD
(10:55:16 PM) Cynthia: I mean, how'd the Go stones get on the floor? XD
(10:55:21 PM) Me: oh Akira XD
(10:55:39 PM) Cynthia: he's still thinking about Hikaru
(10:58:16 PM) Me: oh man Akira XD
(10:58:51 PM) Cynthia: I feel bad for Akira. he doesn't have any friends his age, and when he does interact with other kids, things like this happen : (
(10:58:59 PM) Me: yeah 8(
(10:59:16 PM) Cynthia: bwahahaha
(11:00:23 PM) Cynthia: JERK
(11:02:14 PM) Me: ahh, he's already starting to hesitate with the first year's board
(11:02:20 PM) Me: okumura
(11:02:22 PM) Cynthia: : (
(11:03:53 PM) Me: ;_;
(11:04:02 PM) Cynthia: shut up kid, it's not like YOU can do this >: (
(11:05:48 PM) Cynthia: dead silence
(11:05:52 PM) Me: ahhaha
(11:07:26 PM) Cynthia: see, she's pretty cool...
(11:07:34 PM) Me: yeah, she is XD
(11:07:49 PM) Cynthia: Don't worry, I'll be done in five minutes : )
(11:08:28 PM) Cynthia: yaaay it's Mitani's girlfriend!
(11:08:31 PM) Me: XDD
(11:08:49 PM) Me: oh Hikaru
(11:08:58 PM) Cynthia: pffft
(11:09:35 PM) Me: ahahhaha
(11:09:58 PM) Cynthia: yeahhh I'm sure the Meijin can pass as a junior high student just fine!
(11:10:03 PM) Me: more eye-catching than the glittery colorful poster?!
(11:10:43 PM) Cynthia: is that...Sakurai?
(11:11:00 PM) Me: uhhh... hmm. Might be.
(11:12:17 PM) Cynthia: I'm remembering how this will all end and already feeling so bad for Akira D:
(11:12:21 PM) Me: awww his eyes are wavering
(11:14:15 PM) Cynthia: Mitani~~
(11:14:27 PM) Me: :D
(11:15:30 PM) Me: I had to restart my media player because the video was a bit messed up, tell me when you reach the end of the OP
(11:16:05 PM) Cynthia: I'm there :O
(11:19:28 PM) Cynthia: everything okay?
(11:19:33 PM) Me: yup
(11:19:46 PM) Me: oh, did you not press play? XD
(11:19:55 PM) Cynthia: uhh yeah I've had it paused XD;
(11:19:59 PM) Cynthia: where are you now?
(11:19:59 PM) Me: ahaha oopps XD
(11:20:14 PM) Me: I'll go back to the beginning of the episode, I was only half-paying attention anyway
(11:20:20 PM) Cynthia: ahaha kay
(11:20:37 PM) Cynthia: so play?
(11:20:39 PM) Me: yup
(11:22:36 PM) Cynthia: Hikaru you're so mean : (
(11:22:44 PM) Me: D:
(11:24:50 PM) Me: XD
(11:24:58 PM) Cynthia: pffffft
(11:25:31 PM) Cynthia: ohhh man that looks so good
(11:25:43 PM) Me: XDDDD
(11:25:54 PM) Cynthia: oh Sai XD
(11:31:14 PM) Me: his socks XDDD
(11:31:21 PM) Cynthia: XDD
(11:31:39 PM) Me: I'm surprised he doesn't get disciplined for that ridiculous getup
(11:33:37 PM) Cynthia: he has such bad posture
(11:34:16 PM) Cynthia: baww this is kind of a personal thing for Sai : (
(11:34:21 PM) Me: 8(((
(11:34:40 PM) Cynthia: don't ever cheat kids, you might cause someone to commit SUICIDE
(11:37:57 PM) Cynthia: Mitani should've suspected something, the owner was saying he didn't like to wager the other day
(11:38:01 PM) Me: it's feels horrible watching this play out, knowing what will happen 8(
(11:38:43 PM) Cynthia: oh oops
(11:38:53 PM) Cynthia: mom just came to talk to me and I paused it for a minute ><
(11:38:59 PM) Me: ah XD
(11:39:06 PM) Cynthia: where are you?
(11:39:22 PM) Me: Take just messed up the stones while putting one down
(11:39:33 PM) Cynthia: okay, I'll tell you when I'm there
(11:39:46 PM) Me: or is it Dake?
(11:39:56 PM) Cynthia: 10,000 yen?!
(11:40:14 PM) Cynthia: it's Dake
(11:40:21 PM) Cynthia: according to the subtitles
(11:40:28 PM) Me: okay :V
(11:40:49 PM) Cynthia: okay I'm caught up
(11:41:10 PM) Cynthia: oh, and the episode is ending already
(11:41:14 PM) Me: yeah XD
(11:43:30 PM) Me: after this next episode, I'm going to take a shower, and then I can watch one more episode while my hair dries before I have to go to bed. :V
(11:43:44 PM) Cynthia: okay~
(11:50:16 PM) Cynthia: where'd the owner even find this Dake guy : (
(11:50:29 PM) Me: yeah... 8(
(11:53:14 PM) Cynthia: so harsh D:
(11:53:20 PM) Me: yeah DD:
(11:53:23 PM) Cynthia: but a necessary lesson...
(11:55:03 PM) Me: DDD:
(11:56:27 PM) Cynthia: ;__;
(11:56:30 PM) Me: ;____;
(11:57:38 PM) Cynthia: YEAH SAI
(6/15/2011 12:00:20 AM) Cynthia: trust in Sai, Hikaru!
(12:01:09 AM) Me: *smirking so hard*
(12:01:14 AM) Cynthia: Shu-san: I'm not listening to this : (
(12:03:07 AM) Cynthia: hahahahahahaha
(12:03:10 AM) Me: :3333
(12:03:31 AM) Cynthia: mindrape +100
(12:03:37 AM) Me: hahahaha
(12:05:47 AM) Cynthia: those cookies look tasty :O
(12:06:03 AM) Cynthia: we're getting through this show pretty fast
(12:06:06 AM) Me: I'M GOING TO CATCH YOU(r heart) SOON
(12:06:14 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:06:29 AM) Me: I'm gonna take my shower, be back in about fifteen minutes or so
(12:06:33 AM) Cynthia: okay~
(12:28:50 AM) Me: okay, back!
(12:28:57 AM) Me: sorry for the wait XD
(12:29:42 AM) Me: I have it paused at the beginning of the OP, ready to press play?
(12:35:10 AM) Me: *pokes* 8(?
(12:36:02 AM) Cynthia: ah, sorry ><
(12:36:10 AM) Me: it's fine :D
(12:36:17 AM) Cynthia: yes! *presses play*
(12:36:43 AM) Me: *presses play* you might be a few seconds ahead of me now, but eh :D
(12:40:16 AM) Cynthia: cooookies
(12:40:21 AM) Me: Hikaru's such a blabbermouth XD
(12:41:23 AM) Cynthia: oh boy
(12:42:20 AM) Cynthia: ohhh boy
(12:43:06 AM) Me: did we ever figure out if that's Sakurai?
(12:43:17 AM) Cynthia: uhh
(12:43:18 AM) Cynthia: what
(12:43:29 AM) Cynthia: what's this guy's name again...?
(12:43:52 AM) Me: umm... his first name is Kaoru iirc...
(12:45:11 AM) Me: oh Akira
(12:45:43 AM) Cynthia: I feel bad for the other players on 3rd then : (
(12:46:08 AM) Me: yeah D:
(12:46:49 AM) Me: Kishimoto, that's right
(12:47:31 AM) Me: Kuwabara!!
(12:47:53 AM) Me: the fish!!!
(12:47:59 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:48:07 AM) Me: the fish that look real but aren't!
(12:48:51 AM) Cynthia: *checks* yes, Sakurai plays Kishimoto!
(12:48:56 AM) Me: \o/
(12:49:00 AM) Cynthia: ...he plays Honda too :OO
(12:49:05 AM) Me: wow, really?
(12:49:11 AM) Cynthia: yeah...
(12:49:14 AM) Me: huh
(12:51:16 AM) Me: I completely refuse to believe that all this romantic/sexual tension was unintentional
(12:51:25 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:52:09 AM) Me: he's about to cry
(12:52:43 AM) Cynthia: well he did have to go through a lot just for this : (
(12:52:47 AM) Me: yeah D:
(12:52:52 AM) Me: oh he really is crying D:
(12:52:57 AM) Cynthia: ;__;
(12:53:37 AM) Cynthia: man, I really don't blame him for being mad at Hikaru later...
(12:53:45 AM) Me: yeah really D:
(12:54:10 AM) Cynthia: wow we're already at the next tournament
(12:54:45 AM) Me: FOOD
(12:54:49 AM) Cynthia: oh Hikaru XD
(12:56:17 AM) Me: oohhhhh snaaaaaap
(12:57:55 AM) Cynthia: honestly, the level of Akira's persistence can be pretty creepy XD
(12:58:01 AM) Me: indeed XDD
(12:58:31 AM) Me: okay, that's the end of this DVD for me
(12:58:40 AM) Cynthia: mine too~
(12:58:43 AM) Me: man, there are still two episodes left for this tournament, aren't there?
(12:58:54 AM) Cynthia: I guess :O
(1:00:07 AM) Me: yeah, two more episodes
(1:00:53 AM) Me: mmmmmmmmm... sleep, or Hikago.........
(1:02:09 AM) Me: tough decision, but...... I think I'll pick Hikago. If you wanna finish the tournament tonight. :V
(1:02:19 AM) Cynthia: sure XD
(1:02:37 AM) Me: then we can cover the net go arc tomorrow! \o/
(1:02:49 AM) Cynthia: yaaay!
(1:03:54 AM) Me: I'll just go check on my laundry real quick...
(1:06:47 AM) Me: okay, ready to start?
(1:07:16 AM) Cynthia: yup!
(1:07:19 AM) Cynthia: *play*
(1:10:00 AM) Me: poor thirds XD
(1:10:52 AM) Cynthia: you didn't have to say that Tsutsui...
(1:11:09 AM) Me: yeah, that was kinda assholish, especially for him
(1:11:36 AM) Me: but that makes up for it
(1:11:42 AM) Cynthia: : )
(1:12:37 AM) Me: tsundere Tsutsui ahaha
(1:15:05 AM) Cynthia: that's right Mitani, you're better than that!
(1:15:15 AM) Me: so fast
(1:15:26 AM) Cynthia: purple suspenders
(1:16:36 AM) Me: it is kind of unfair to have a former insei in the tournament :V
(1:16:49 AM) Me: but technically not against the rules I guess, so...
(1:16:55 AM) Me: oh buuuuuurn
(1:18:18 AM) Cynthia: go Hikaru!
(1:18:22 AM) Me: I can't believe he learned something from Dake XDDDD
(1:18:27 AM) Cynthia: XD
(1:20:26 AM) Cynthia: wow good job, Tsutsui
(1:20:32 AM) Me: yay! \o/
(1:20:33 AM) Cynthia: yaaay!
(1:21:15 AM) Cynthia: sorry Touya, he turned to crap in the past year : (
(1:21:19 AM) Me: +1 mindrape
(1:21:34 AM) Me: well, that's more of a half mindrape
(1:22:15 AM) Me: well
(1:22:17 AM) Me: pegasus
(1:22:19 AM) Cynthia: XDD
(1:24:14 AM) Me: I wonder if Hikaru considers that creepy at all
(1:24:39 AM) Cynthia: hmm...
(1:25:53 AM) Me: poor Hikaru
(1:27:42 AM) Cynthia: new ending!
(1:27:49 AM) Me: Hitomi no Chikara~!
(1:27:57 AM) Me: I love this ending :D
(1:28:12 AM) Cynthia: boo, Viz keeps the ending animation from Bokura no Bouken : (
(1:28:19 AM) Me: that is so weird XD
(1:28:37 AM) Cynthia: I just don't understand that decision
(1:30:41 AM) Me: oh fffffffffffffffuuuuu this stupid disk drive!!!
(1:30:47 AM) Me: it just ejected itself. 8/
(1:30:48 AM) Cynthia: o.o
(1:30:55 AM) Cynthia: I'll pause at the end of the OP...
(1:30:58 AM) Me: okay
(1:31:52 AM) Me: okay, ready!
(1:32:01 AM) Cynthia: kay!
(1:33:47 AM) Me: oh Akira
(1:33:56 AM) Cynthia: glaaaaare
(1:34:05 AM) Me: only you would interrupt the formalities like that
(1:34:11 AM) Cynthia: oh ffff I forgot this part
(1:34:15 AM) Cynthia: SO NERVOUS OMG
(1:34:15 AM) Me: oh maaaaan
(1:35:02 AM) Cynthia: I feel bad for him already D:
(1:35:08 AM) Me: same DDD:
(1:35:18 AM) Me: he's about to have a HUGE letdown
(1:39:01 AM) Me: don't go talking big yet, Mitani D:
(1:40:10 AM) Cynthia: D:
(1:40:16 AM) Me: those clocks are right next to each other, what would happen if one of the players overwhot and hit the other person's clock?
(1:40:26 AM) Cynthia: ahaha
(1:40:26 AM) Me: *overshot
(1:41:20 AM) Me: "I'll catch you someday!"
(1:41:30 AM) Me: it's funny how they're both chasing each other like that
(1:41:37 AM) Me: ohhhhhh shit
(1:41:43 AM) Cynthia: ><
(1:42:07 AM) Me: +1 mindrape
(1:42:30 AM) Me: +1 mindrape
(1:42:42 AM) Cynthia: wh-wh-what is this?? what's going on?!?
(1:43:06 AM) Me: awww, Saiiii
(1:43:07 AM) Cynthia: DD:
(1:43:13 AM) Me: DD:
(1:43:17 AM) Me: +1 mindrape
(1:44:06 AM) Me: he's SO ANGRY
(1:44:18 AM) Me: poor kid D:
(1:44:25 AM) Cynthia: he's gonna cry D:
(1:44:43 AM) Cynthia: and now everyone's watching
(1:44:46 AM) Me: this whole tournament is like +5 mindrape for him
(1:45:42 AM) Me: and the music fades...
(1:46:10 AM) Cynthia: I like how Akari is watching Mitani's match instead of Hikaru's
(1:46:16 AM) Me: hahaha, yeah
(1:47:30 AM) Me: oh boys D:
(1:47:48 AM) Me: poor boys D:
(1:47:53 AM) Cynthia: D:
(1:48:36 AM) Cynthia: ;_____;
(1:48:39 AM) Me: ;______
(1:48:40 AM) Me: ;
(1:50:05 AM) Me: ;_____;
(1:50:07 AM) Cynthia: oh Mitani
(1:50:21 AM) Cynthia: EVERYONE CRIES
(1:50:28 AM) Me: poor everyone ;___;
(1:52:56 AM) Me: I looooove this next arc
(1:53:11 AM) Cynthia: I knowww it's like my second favorite arc :-D
(1:53:20 AM) Me: :DDD

(11:06:15 PM) Cynthia: episode 15, right?
(11:06:27 PM) Me: yyyyyyyup
(11:07:04 PM) Cynthia: ready to play :-D
(11:07:11 PM) Cynthia: go?
(11:07:17 PM) Me: *hits play!*
(11:09:15 PM) Me: boys ;____;
(11:09:23 PM) Cynthia: ;___;
(11:10:29 PM) Cynthia: just a detour ;__;
(11:10:36 PM) Me: ;____;
(11:10:40 PM) Me: NET GO
(11:12:23 PM) Me: FUZAKERUNA!!
(11:12:27 PM) Me: ;___;
(11:14:26 PM) Me: poor Sai XDD
(11:14:33 PM) Cynthia: I would be so bored though XD
(11:14:39 PM) Me: same XDD
(11:14:40 PM) Cynthia: oh Sai XD
(11:14:54 PM) Me: NET GOOOOO
(11:15:01 PM) Cynthia: :-DD
(11:15:33 PM) Me: lol idiot kid
(11:15:36 PM) Cynthia: I can't believe Hikaru doesn't know about the internet
(11:15:40 PM) Me: hahaha
(11:15:49 PM) Cynthia: pfft
(11:16:04 PM) Cynthia: WAYA~~~
(11:16:11 PM) Me: \o/
(11:17:49 PM) Cynthia: *googles World Igo Net*
(11:18:08 PM) Me: does it actually exist? :V
(11:18:13 PM) Cynthia: no : (
(11:18:17 PM) Me: boooo
(11:19:44 PM) Me: awww Mitani
(11:19:52 PM) Cynthia: dawww
(11:20:04 PM) Me: Akari :DDD
(11:20:15 PM) Cynthia: :-D
(11:20:16 PM) Me: dawwwwww
(11:21:07 PM) Cynthia: what year was this story set in again...?
(11:21:18 PM) Me: this would be... 1999
(11:21:29 PM) Cynthia: wow
(11:21:38 PM) Cynthia: okay, I guess that makes more sense XD
(11:21:43 PM) Me: haha, yeah XD
(11:21:50 PM) Cynthia: I was just starting using the internet around then too ahaha
(11:22:58 PM) Cynthia: wow she's nice
(11:23:23 PM) Cynthia: sai :-D
(11:23:27 PM) Me: \o/!!!
(11:23:31 PM) Me: and the legend begins!
(11:23:36 PM) Me: I LOE THIS ARC
(11:23:40 PM) Me: I LOVE IT TOO
(11:23:41 PM) Cynthia: I love that this is the first time he can use his real name
(11:23:47 PM) Me: yesssss
(11:24:42 PM) Me: \o/
(11:24:55 PM) Cynthia: he was talking to his mom XD
(11:25:00 PM) Me: XD
(11:25:14 PM) Cynthia: THIS IS SO EXCITING
(11:26:48 PM) Me: yesssssssssssssss
(11:28:07 PM) Me: \o/!!!
(11:28:58 PM) Cynthia: I was just suddenly reminded of Death Note...I bet L would be able to deduce that Sai is a student in like one minute
(11:29:09 PM) Me: ahahaha, yeah
(11:29:47 PM) Cynthia: WAYA
(11:30:10 PM) Cynthia: I think Waya might be one of my favorite characters for some reason
(11:30:27 PM) Cynthia: I'm not even sure why exactly
(11:31:19 PM) Me: hahaha, Hikaru and Akira are my favorites (though Waya is awesome too), and I'm not sure exactly why eather
(11:31:22 PM) Me: *either
(11:31:42 PM) Me: The characters are all just so... real. And I love that.
(11:31:44 PM) Cynthia: well they're main characters so it makes more sense to like them I think XD
(11:31:52 PM) Me: XD
(11:32:36 PM) Cynthia: but might be that Waya just really seems like a normal teenager.
(11:32:37 PM) Me: too good! you professional player?
(11:32:44 PM) Cynthia: XD
(11:33:18 PM) Me: XDDD Saiiiiii
(11:33:20 PM) Cynthia: oh HIkaru
(11:33:43 PM) Cynthia: I think Sai still just thinks it's a magical box
(11:33:47 PM) Me: XDD
(11:34:00 PM) Cynthia: Sai~~
(11:34:18 PM) Me: WAYAAAAAA
(11:35:09 PM) Cynthia: Waya is better than those amateurs?
(11:35:24 PM) Me: yeah, that's what I was just thinking XD
(11:36:34 PM) Me: Fukui!!!
(11:36:53 PM) Me: I like Fukui :D
(11:37:00 PM) Cynthia: he's sweet :-D
(11:37:44 PM) Cynthia: you only just noticed him?
(11:37:50 PM) Me: hahaha XD
(11:38:29 PM) Me: Akira looks so perplexed
(11:39:00 PM) Cynthia: it's so obvious he doesn't interact with other kids much
(11:39:28 PM) Me: GUREITO!!!
(11:41:34 PM) Cynthia: WAYA YOU CAN BE A DETECTIVE
(11:41:49 PM) Me: just in case the whole Go pro thing doesn't work out!
(11:43:26 PM) Cynthia: probably the most that Sai has played since Shusaku :O
(11:43:33 PM) Me: yeah :O
(11:44:47 PM) Me: Oh man I can't wait for Akira to show up to this tournament. I just remembered how absolutely ridiculous his outfit is
(11:45:11 PM) Cynthia: bah, Waya is better than all those amateurs!
(11:45:34 PM) Cynthia: at least according to Sai
(11:45:50 PM) Me: I think we can take Sai's word for it
(11:46:11 PM) Cynthia: Touya junior
(11:46:19 PM) Me: hehe
(11:47:41 PM) Cynthia: chair squeak
(11:47:50 PM) Me: bad timing, Waya XD
(11:49:57 PM) Me: OWAAAAOOOO!!!!
(11:50:09 PM) Cynthia: XDDD
(11:51:11 PM) Me: I'm gonna go get something to eat or something, could you pause at the end of the OP if I'm not back by then?
(11:51:27 PM) Cynthia: sure~
(11:51:32 PM) Cynthia: I have to change DVDs now anyway
(11:51:36 PM) Me: oh ahaha
(11:56:11 PM) Me: okay I'm back
(11:56:19 PM) Cynthia: okay~
(11:56:26 PM) Cynthia: *play*
[AIM freaks out]
(11:58:40 PM) Me: idk what just happened
(11:58:43 PM) Cynthia: o.o
(11:58:55 PM) Me: you were showing as offline for a minute there or so
(11:58:57 PM) Cynthia: I've paused a few seconds after the episode title card
(11:58:59 PM) Cynthia: weird
(11:59:02 PM) Me: okay
(11:59:10 PM) Me: I'll tell you when I'm there :D
(6/16/2011 12:00:14 AM) Me: so talkative in this recap!
(12:00:23 AM) Me: okay, title card
(12:00:23 AM) Me: go
(12:00:30 AM) Cynthia: kay!
(12:01:15 AM) Me: hahaha
(12:01:37 AM) Cynthia: they all know Japanese?
(12:01:46 AM) Me: of course
(12:02:39 AM) Me: oh shit it's ogata
(12:02:44 AM) Me: hide your children
(12:03:44 AM) Me: it's Ochi's Korean cousin!
(12:03:54 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:05:00 AM) Cynthia: sai has totally disrupted this tournament
(12:05:14 AM) Me: seriously XD
(12:05:56 AM) Me: DAT PONCHO
(12:06:06 AM) Cynthia: pfffffffft
(12:07:32 AM) Me: ;___;
(12:07:52 AM) Cynthia: LET'S INVESTIGATE
(12:08:29 AM) Cynthia: AHHHH
(12:09:03 AM) Cynthia: SAI YOU'RE SO POPULAR D:
(12:09:05 AM) Me: XD
(12:09:36 AM) Cynthia: ufufufufufufu
(12:09:39 AM) Me: :333
(12:10:01 AM) Cynthia: oh this is a bad idea
(12:10:09 AM) Me: oh shit
(12:11:48 AM) Me: aaaaaaaaaaaaa
(12:12:01 AM) Cynthia: SHINDOUUUUU
(12:12:01 AM) Me: +5 mindrape
(12:13:36 AM) Me: the tensionnnnnn
(12:15:26 AM) Cynthia: oh buuuurn
(12:15:34 AM) Cynthia: Akira : (
(12:15:49 AM) Me: an actual valid reason for Waya to hate Akira
(12:15:55 AM) Cynthia: yes...
(12:17:06 AM) Me: Nase!
(12:17:27 AM) Me: was that just Honda with purple hair
(12:17:31 AM) Me: lololol
(12:17:38 AM) Cynthia: thats what I was wondering XD
(12:18:17 AM) Cynthia: aaaaaah
(12:18:20 AM) Me: aaaaaaaaaaaa
(12:22:12 AM) Me: I LOVE THIS ARC
(12:22:29 AM) Me: just in case I hadn't made it clear enough
(12:22:35 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:24:08 AM) Cynthia: he's shaking again...
(12:24:13 AM) Me: yeah
(12:24:22 AM) Me: and looks like he might cry D:
(12:24:42 AM) Me: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
(12:24:48 AM) Me: I AM EXCITE
(12:24:54 AM) Cynthia: 8DD
(12:26:17 AM) Cynthia: ??
(12:26:23 AM) Me: hm?
(12:26:45 AM) Cynthia: did you get my im's?
(12:27:01 AM) Me: I got nothing after 8DD
(12:27:10 AM) Cynthia: Cynthia: (12:25:18 AM) I loooove this depiction of internet go
Cynthia: (12:25:35 AM) Sai just looming out of the darkness like that
(12:27:16 AM) Cynthia: SO WINDY
(12:27:23 AM) Me: yesssssssss :DDD
(12:27:50 AM) Cynthia: WHO WAS THAT
(12:28:18 AM) Cynthia: that was Hikaru messing up, right?
(12:28:56 AM) Me: I took it more to mean that it was really similar to their firrst matches
(12:29:02 AM) Cynthia: ahhh yeah
(12:30:46 AM) Me: :DDD
(12:31:22 AM) Me: fiiiiiiiiiiish
(12:31:28 AM) Cynthia: FISHY
(12:32:06 AM) Me: +2 mindrape
(12:32:28 AM) Cynthia: poor Akira, this is so confusing
(12:32:36 AM) Me: I know
(12:33:13 AM) Cynthia: even she can't believe it!
(12:33:17 AM) Me: Hikaru confuses everyone, but the two boys' fixation on each other just brings it all on Akira like that
(12:33:45 AM) Me: this Akira is so different from when Hikaru is involved
(12:34:13 AM) Cynthia: MINDRAAAAPE
(12:34:18 AM) Me: +1
(12:34:34 AM) Me: there he goes pushing old guys again
(12:34:40 AM) Cynthia: loooool
(12:34:58 AM) Cynthia: how many times does he have to run around the city for him XDD
(12:35:06 AM) Me: inorite XDDD
(12:35:45 AM) Me: Go! Go! Bokenasu-kun
(12:36:00 AM) Me: friends! :D
(12:36:24 AM) Cynthia: HOW'D YOU KNOW I WAS HERE...STALKER
(12:36:55 AM) Cynthia: Hikaru XD
(12:36:58 AM) Me: I love that face XD
(12:37:35 AM) Me: oh Hikaru
(12:37:51 AM) Me: hahahaha
(12:38:14 AM) Cynthia: ;___;
(12:38:17 AM) Me: poor Akira ;___;
(12:38:22 AM) Me: +1 mindrape
(12:38:26 AM) Cynthia: they keep pushing each other awaaaay
(12:39:00 AM) Cynthia: love this scene
(12:39:01 AM) Me: eeeeeeeeeeeee
(12:39:03 AM) Me: yesssssssssss
(12:39:26 AM) Me: ;_____;
(12:39:44 AM) Cynthia: Hikaru... ;__;
(12:39:57 AM) Me: I love how he only knowingly acts high and mighty with Hikaru
(12:40:05 AM) Cynthia: yes
(12:40:15 AM) Me: with everyone else he tries to be modest... but he screws up with that a lot too :D
(12:40:53 AM) Me: bawwwwwww
(12:41:01 AM) Cynthia: can't even be completely anonymous on the internet : (
(12:41:41 AM) Me: I kind of have to wonder how everything would have played out if Hikaru tried to actually explain it all to Akira right during that scene
(12:41:50 AM) Cynthia: ooh
(12:42:00 AM) Me: Akira surely would have refused to believe it and get REALLY REALLY ANGRY initially
(12:42:39 AM) Me: but I wonder if he'd buy into it after going home and letting off steam by playing his dad or something
(12:43:02 AM) Me: I have to switch DVDs
(12:43:10 AM) Cynthia: yeahhh I think it'd take a while before he'd be convinced
(12:44:05 AM) Cynthia: brb
(12:44:06 AM) Me: he does come to the (kind of) correct conclusion on his own eventually, so I'm sure he'd realize before too long that it makes sense
(12:50:21 AM) Me: lol I'm looking at the episode summaries on Wikipedia
(12:50:32 AM) Me: They hire a skilled player who pretends not to know anything about Go to teach Yuki a lesson. Unfortunately, Yuki falls for the trick and ends up betting 10,000 yen (about $90).
(12:50:45 AM) Me: Yeah, I guess it would have been about $90... back then
(12:50:49 AM) Cynthia: back
(12:50:51 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:51:33 AM) Me: ooooh, Kaga's pretty hot on this DVD label
(12:51:41 AM) Cynthia: :O
(12:52:19 AM) Cynthia: are we gonna watch more?
(12:52:30 AM) Me: sure, if you're up for it :O
(12:52:47 AM) Cynthia: well there's two more episodes left on this DVD, so sure~
(12:52:53 AM) Me: give me a moment
(12:52:55 AM) Cynthia: k
(12:53:41 AM) Me: hot Kaga
(12:53:46 AM) Me: there, now we can start
(12:53:57 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:54:01 AM) Cynthia: *play*
(12:56:55 AM) Me: dat posture, Mitani
(12:57:06 AM) Cynthia: he's always had horrible posture
(12:57:25 AM) Me: hehehe Mitani
(12:57:29 AM) Cynthia: aww Mitani
(12:58:01 AM) Me: ahahha
(12:58:12 AM) Cynthia: this girl is so cute
(12:58:58 AM) Me: hehehe
(12:59:11 AM) Cynthia: oh jeez that's expensive
(12:59:16 AM) Me: yeah D:
(1:00:03 AM) Me: ahaha
(1:00:05 AM) Cynthia: ahahaha
(1:00:21 AM) Me: no he didn't
(1:00:25 AM) Me: that didn't happen in the anime!
(1:01:01 AM) Me: I have to wonder where that rumor came from
(1:01:01 AM) Cynthia: hehehe
(1:01:17 AM) Me: if it was just Shusaku and Hikaru that Sai has appeared to
(1:01:21 AM) Me: did Shusaku blab?
(1:01:25 AM) Cynthia: hmmm
(1:01:59 AM) Cynthia: pretty sky
(1:02:03 AM) Me: yeah :DDd
(1:02:17 AM) Cynthia: ahaha these two are friends now
(1:02:27 AM) Me: hahaha
(1:02:41 AM) Me: he looks better with a hat than a wig
(1:02:47 AM) Cynthia: XD
(1:02:59 AM) Cynthia: his reaction XD
(1:02:59 AM) Me: Akota what was that reaction about
(1:04:40 AM) Cynthia: :-D
(1:04:43 AM) Me: :DDD
(1:04:52 AM) Cynthia: O_O
(1:04:56 AM) Cynthia: expensive
(1:04:56 AM) Me: so expensiveeeeeeee
(1:05:12 AM) Me: Sai XDDD
(1:05:12 AM) Cynthia: awww Sai
(1:05:42 AM) Me: ahaha XD
(1:05:45 AM) Cynthia: pffft
(1:05:57 AM) Me: XDDDD
(1:06:22 AM) Cynthia: XDD
(1:06:27 AM) Me: I love this scene XDDDD
(1:07:20 AM) Me: omnomnom
(1:07:25 AM) Cynthia: XDDD
(1:07:48 AM) Me: XDDD
(1:08:16 AM) Me: aww Tsutsui ;__;
(1:08:24 AM) Cynthia: ;__;
(1:10:54 AM) Cynthia: I think Akota-san is going through a mid-life crisis
(1:10:58 AM) Me: ahahahha
(1:11:12 AM) Me: SO SRS
(1:12:55 AM) Me: XD
(1:13:26 AM) Me: Hikaru XDDD
(1:13:26 AM) Cynthia: XD
(1:14:07 AM) Me: knowing what comes next makes me so sad for Tsutsui and them ;__;
(1:14:14 AM) Cynthia: yes ;__;
(1:14:32 AM) Me: OH HEY IT'S SAKURAI
(1:16:27 AM) Me: oh damn, stupid video player
(1:16:41 AM) Cynthia: o.o
(1:16:56 AM) Cynthia: *pause at the beginning of the OP*
(1:16:57 AM) Me: I pressed a wrong button
(1:17:10 AM) Me: yeah, I'll tell you when to play again XD
(1:17:22 AM) Me: okay now
(1:19:36 AM) Me: is Sakurai paying the fee for both of them?
(1:19:38 AM) Me: how nice of him
(1:19:54 AM) Cynthia: you're calling him Sakurai now? XD
(1:20:02 AM) Me: sure
(1:20:51 AM) Me: is dat sum black coffee
(1:21:36 AM) Me: I love how he pushes his glasses up and then they just go right where they were before
(1:21:42 AM) Cynthia: XD
(1:24:09 AM) Cynthia: buuuurn
(1:25:48 AM) Me: so Hikaru, you're playing Go just to get closer to Akira?
(1:29:17 AM) Cynthia: go Hikaru~~~
(1:29:20 AM) Me: \o/
(1:29:41 AM) Me: ahhahhahajhdfkhgafdkjhgfadh
(1:29:54 AM) Cynthia: I've been there~
(1:30:00 AM) Cynthia: ahahahahah
(1:30:02 AM) Me: FISH
(1:30:34 AM) Cynthia: XD
(1:30:36 AM) Me: kechi XDDD
(1:30:56 AM) Me: RUN, HIKARU
(1:31:24 AM) Cynthia: he caught you before, Hikaru! don't you remember??
(1:31:45 AM) Cynthia: I'd remember a guy who grabbed me on the street and dragged me into a building
(1:31:49 AM) Me: ahahaha
(1:32:11 AM) Cynthia: there we go!
(1:32:58 AM) Cynthia: ahahaha
(1:33:01 AM) Me: pffft
(1:33:51 AM) Me: Natsume!
(1:34:30 AM) Me: kamo!
(1:35:58 AM) Cynthia: wow, over a month ago?
(1:36:17 AM) Cynthia: ...D:
(1:36:22 AM) Me: DDD:
(1:37:44 AM) Me: ;_____;
(1:38:06 AM) Cynthia: ;_____;
(1:38:36 AM) Cynthia: this is so sad...I can totally understand why Mitani would be pissed
(1:38:42 AM) Me: yeah DDD:
(1:39:08 AM) Cynthia: you know...I really like how selfishness is a theme throughout this show...
(1:40:38 AM) Cynthia: it causes a lot of hurt, but you can't move forward and succeed unless you are selfish
(1:40:48 AM) Me: yeah
(1:41:35 AM) Me: but it's still really sad, because, well, the Go club never completely recovers after this
(1:41:58 AM) Cynthia: yeah D:
(1:42:14 AM) Me: especially after Hikaru's year graduates
(1:42:23 AM) Cynthia: and they would have been so close to beating Kaiou
(1:42:25 AM) Me: they're left with just Koike and those two crappy players
(1:44:40 AM) Cynthia: what a place to finish watching : ( what a downer
(1:44:45 AM) Me: yeah... D:

(4:51:41 PM) Me: oh btw, I had a dream last night
(4:51:51 PM) Me: that we were taking the next JLPT level
(4:52:10 PM) Me: and we got there and they just gave us the vocabulary section, and after that we were free to go
(4:52:22 PM) Me: so we were like "oh okay that's cool" and left after we were done
(4:53:27 PM) Me: but then on the ride home we started freaking out all like, "w-wait that doesn't make sense, what about the other sections?! Did we misunderstand them and they were just letting us have a break between sections?? But they didn't give us the answer sheets for the other sections like they usuall do aaaaaaaaaa what's going on!!!"
(4:54:02 PM) Me: and I have no idea what the outcome was 8D;;
(4:55:19 PM) Cynthia: D: ahhh
(4:55:49 PM) Cynthia: well hopefully that won't happen
(4:55:56 PM) Me: yeah XDDD
(4:56:18 PM) Cynthia: though at first I thought you were going to say you dreamt we were at the test but Akira skipped it to play Sai on the internet
(4:56:29 PM) Me: XDDD

(8:19:58 PM) Me: anyway, I'm ready to play~
(8:20:16 PM) Cynthia: okay! *play*
(8:23:52 PM) Cynthia: Kaga!
(8:23:53 PM) Me: Kaagaaaaaaaa!
(8:24:40 PM) Me: ahahaha Mitani
(8:24:43 PM) Cynthia: XD
(8:25:44 PM) Me: his goal is Touya Akira
(8:25:56 PM) Me: but what EXACTLY about Tou- *shot*
(8:26:04 PM) Cynthia: XD
(8:26:09 PM) Cynthia: I like how supportive Kaga is
(8:26:14 PM) Me: yeah
(8:28:07 PM) Cynthia: poor Mitani : (
(8:28:14 PM) Me: Mitani ;___;
(8:29:02 PM) Me: ;_____;
(8:29:08 PM) Cynthia: ;___;
(8:31:29 PM) Me: I love Akari here ;___;
(8:31:35 PM) Cynthia: ;__; yes
(8:31:37 PM) Me: I love Akari in general though
(8:31:48 PM) Me: but that's one of her best lines by far ;__;
(8:32:08 PM) Me: or best moments. Because it's not just the line on its own
(8:32:56 PM) Cynthia: woww
(8:33:04 PM) Me: that's a pretty big loss
(8:33:16 PM) Me: 6 1/2 with komi factored in
(8:33:23 PM) Cynthia: yeah D:
(8:33:34 PM) Me: Mitaniiiiiii ;________;
(8:33:35 PM) Cynthia: Mitaniii ;__;
(8:33:44 PM) Me: Saiiiiiiii ;______;
(8:33:53 PM) Cynthia: ;___;
(8:35:01 PM) Cynthia: XDD
(8:35:27 PM) Me: :D
(8:35:41 PM) Cynthia: man Hikaru really is impressive
(8:35:45 PM) Me: Kagaaaaaa
(8:35:59 PM) Cynthia: XD
(8:36:02 PM) Me: XDDDD
(8:36:48 PM) Me: XDDD
(8:37:32 PM) Me: \o/
(8:37:32 PM) Cynthia: Waya~
(8:38:02 PM) Cynthia: aww
(8:38:49 PM) Me: pffft
(8:39:12 PM) Cynthia: the best player is in the Shogi club XD
(8:39:15 PM) Me: XDDD
(8:39:32 PM) Me: I love how clueless Mitsuko is
(8:39:39 PM) Cynthia: I know XD
(8:39:58 PM) Me: DD
(8:40:01 PM) Cynthia: ahaha
(8:40:02 PM) Me: *XDD
(8:40:06 PM) Me: Isumiiiii
(8:40:06 PM) Cynthia: ISUMI
(8:40:24 PM) Me: Wayaaaaaa :DDD
(8:42:52 PM) Cynthia: I'm already facepalming at Hikaru blabbering about Akira
(8:43:02 PM) Me: inorite? XDD
(8:45:33 PM) Cynthia: such sad faces
(8:45:43 PM) Me: D:
(8:46:46 PM) Me: Awww, Sai
(8:46:47 PM) Cynthia: that would be cheating, Sai
(8:46:53 PM) Me: it would
(8:48:00 PM) Me: XDDD
(8:48:15 PM) Cynthia: XDD
(8:50:11 PM) Me: ahahhahaa
(8:50:54 PM) Me: I love how he tries to speak properly... then promptly discards it in the next sentence
(8:50:59 PM) Cynthia: XD
(8:51:28 PM) Me: Mitsuko XDDD
(8:51:33 PM) Cynthia: XD
(8:53:16 PM) Cynthia: *FACEPALM*
(8:53:19 PM) Me: XDDD
(8:53:27 PM) Me: oh dear
(8:53:41 PM) Cynthia: now they've all overestimated him
(8:54:06 PM) Me: +2 mindrape for each insei there
(8:54:12 PM) Cynthia: XD
(8:54:35 PM) Cynthia: shiiiiin
(8:55:27 PM) Me: oh Hikaru
(8:56:28 PM) Cynthia: OCHI
(8:59:09 PM) Cynthia: if he'd just kept his mouth shut, he'd be treated just like any other insei... :/
(8:59:16 PM) Me: yeah :/
(8:59:22 PM) Cynthia: lol
(8:59:33 PM) Me: but then he also wouldn't have struck up an early friendship with these two
(8:59:38 PM) Cynthia: true
(8:59:52 PM) Me: which probably helped a bit in him rising up so quickly
(8:59:59 PM) Me: Waya's face XDD
(9:00:14 PM) Cynthia: Isumi XD
(9:01:06 PM) Me: Fukui XDDDD
(9:01:43 PM) Me: oh Sakurai XDDD
(9:02:00 PM) Cynthia: oh that is embarrassing
(9:02:42 PM) Me: oh no, Hikaru DDD:
(9:02:54 PM) Cynthia: mindrape
(9:03:06 PM) Me: okay, maybe he would have risen up a little quicker if he hadn't blabbed
(9:03:34 PM) Me: Hikaruuuuuuuu
(9:03:39 PM) Cynthia: D:
(9:06:00 PM) Me: exactly how many times have Hikaru and Akira actually met face-to-face?
(9:06:07 PM) Me: up to this point, at least
(9:06:15 PM) Cynthia: hmm
(9:06:30 PM) Me: I count 6...
(9:06:38 PM) Cynthia: yeah, that sounds about right
(9:06:39 PM) Me: and then I'm not sure if this upcoming episode counts
(9:07:13 PM) Me: that's not many times for how completely obsessed they are with each other
(9:07:55 PM) Cynthia: yeah, but there was lots of mindrape with each encounter XD
(9:08:03 PM) Me: indeed XD
(9:08:18 PM) Me: though honestly i- ahahaha Waya
(9:08:24 PM) Cynthia: XD
(9:09:07 PM) Me: Fukui XDDD
(9:09:12 PM) Me: OCHIIIIIII
(9:11:20 PM) Me: um... wtf just happened to my DVD player
(9:11:34 PM) Cynthia: hm?
(9:11:44 PM) Cynthia: *pause*
(9:11:46 PM) Me: it just stopped playing for no reason
(9:11:55 PM) Cynthia: o.o
(9:12:09 PM) Me: where are you right now?
(9:12:38 PM) Cynthia: at the touya residence, the two guys talking about akira in the go club
(9:14:18 PM) Me: okay, go
(9:15:26 PM) Me: oh god Ogata
(9:15:28 PM) Me: so creepy
(9:15:36 PM) Cynthia: sooo creepy D:
(9:16:49 PM) Cynthia: I think it's telling that he did ignore him
(9:17:06 PM) Cynthia: if someone called you, you'd usually at least turn to look at them, even if it's a stranger
(9:17:12 PM) Me: yeah
(9:18:05 PM) Me: yessssssssssssss
(9:18:13 PM) Cynthia: I like how Akira switches personality like two times in this one scene
(9:18:14 PM) Me: the race is ooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn
(9:18:55 PM) Cynthia: *sardonic laugh* oh, interview? of course : ) ...I won't let him catch me! >: (
(9:19:43 PM) Cynthia: Waya XD
(9:20:36 PM) Me: Hikaru XDD
(9:23:33 PM) Me: XDD
(9:25:32 PM) Cynthia: his clothes XD
(9:25:51 PM) Me: XDDD
(9:26:16 PM) Me: those leggingsssssss
(9:26:33 PM) Cynthia: Akira manages to piss people off so effortlessly
(9:28:22 PM) Me: won't be keeping that title for too long, Ashiwara
(9:28:33 PM) Me: "I'm his friend closest in age!"
(9:28:38 PM) Cynthia: XD
(9:32:05 PM) Me: oh man, if the Ouza knew what was going through Akira's head during this game, he'd be even MORE pissed off
(9:32:44 PM) Cynthia: yeah really XD
(9:34:50 PM) Me: Sai XDDDD
(9:34:56 PM) Cynthia: Sai XD
(9:35:55 PM) Me: I think they must have casted the most annoying voice possible for that guy
(9:36:04 PM) Cynthia: ahaha
(9:37:22 PM) Cynthia: pffft
(9:37:22 PM) Me: XDDD
(9:37:40 PM) Cynthia: Sai XD
(9:38:26 PM) Me: deta!
(9:39:28 PM) Cynthia: I wonder if the sound effect guys actually had someone gnaw on a fan to get that noise
(9:39:36 PM) Me: ahahaha
(9:40:59 PM) Me: Mashiba is Kimbley in Brotherhood
(9:41:06 PM) Cynthia: O_O
(9:43:52 PM) Cynthia: GO shirt
(9:44:15 PM) Cynthia: snow~
(9:44:20 PM) Me: snowwwwwwwwww
(9:45:40 PM) Me: they never think of ANYTHING but each other it's ridiculous
(9:45:47 PM) Cynthia: XD
(9:46:14 PM) Me: and this is Akira's own brand of tsundere
(9:46:32 PM) Me: XDDDD
(9:50:04 PM) Cynthia: no you won't, Isumi-san ;__;
(9:50:08 PM) Me: ;___;
(9:50:47 PM) Me: I loooooooove this scene
(9:52:01 PM) Cynthia: XD
(9:53:40 PM) Me: is this the end of your DVD too?
(9:53:54 PM) Cynthia: yup
(9:54:04 PM) Cynthia: wanna watch Anohana then?
(9:54:08 PM) Cynthia: I almost typed Anohaha
(9:54:15 PM) Me: ahahaha
(9:54:24 PM) Me: yeah, Anohana time :D

(11:52:10 PM) Me: hmm, I wonder what would be a good stopping point for Hikago tonight... the insei arc is looooong, but it also has a lack of stopping points...
(11:52:49 PM) Cynthia: umm...the end of the DVD? :-D;
(11:52:56 PM) Me: hahaha
(11:53:16 PM) Cynthia: okay ready~
(11:53:28 PM) Me: actually that looks like it would bring us through the Wakajishisen
(11:53:32 PM) Me: so that's not too bad
(11:53:46 PM) Cynthia: yup!
(11:53:54 PM) Me: okay, ready to hit play when you are!
(11:54:02 PM) Cynthia: *play* :F
(11:54:05 PM) Cynthia: *:-D
(11:54:08 PM) Me: :DD
(11:54:53 PM) Me: we're about a third of the way through the anime now :O
(11:54:59 PM) Cynthia: :O
(11:55:06 PM) Cynthia: we're getting through it pretty fast
(11:55:09 PM) Me: yeah
(11:56:39 PM) Me: NcDonald's!
(11:56:43 PM) Cynthia: XD
(11:56:58 PM) Me: HOLD ON
(11:57:03 PM) Cynthia: D:
(11:57:18 PM) Me: it ejects with the slightest movement of my laptop. :/
(11:58:03 PM) Cynthia: I'm paused where Waya is asking how Hikaru studies Go at home
(11:58:08 PM) Me: okay~
(11:58:33 PM) Me: and go
(11:59:05 PM) Cynthia: that burger looks good
(11:59:14 PM) Me: :O~~~
(11:59:16 PM) Cynthia: XD
(11:59:50 PM) Cynthia: Sai XD
(11:59:58 PM) Me: XDDD
(6/17/2011 12:00:28 AM) Me: WATCH OUT HIKARU
(12:00:57 AM) Me: CREEEEEPY
(12:01:52 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:02:04 AM) Cynthia: sorry, Sai!
(12:02:08 AM) Me: XDD
(12:02:59 AM) Me: Waya's in gakuran! :D
(12:03:06 AM) Cynthia: :-D
(12:03:37 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:03:43 AM) Me: Hikaru XDDD
(12:04:14 AM) Me: he's still crying ahahhaadhfgsdfh
(12:04:24 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:04:26 AM) Me: XDD
(12:06:38 AM) Me: Hikaru seems to always wear the same shirt to insei classes
(12:06:50 AM) Cynthia: ahaha
(12:09:51 AM) Cynthia: D:
(12:09:54 AM) Me: DDD:
(12:13:42 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:13:42 AM) Me: XDD
(12:14:30 AM) Me: tsun~
(12:14:38 AM) Cynthia: I think Ogata ships Akira/Hikaru
(12:14:41 AM) Me: ahhahahldsfaghaljfh
(12:15:31 AM) Me: THOSE LEGGINGS
(12:15:47 AM) Cynthia: they have been burned into Hikaru's mind
(12:15:55 AM) Me: did he even see them
(12:16:05 AM) Cynthia: XD I dunno
(12:18:10 AM) Cynthia: ohhh boy
(12:18:14 AM) Cynthia: sai again
(12:18:14 AM) Me: oh maaaaan
(12:20:54 AM) Cynthia: \o/
(12:22:13 AM) Cynthia: Hikaru was so cute just now
(12:22:28 AM) Me: yeah
(12:22:35 AM) Me: he's up against Kojima first? :/
(12:23:49 AM) Me: wooooo go Hikaru!!
(12:24:52 AM) Cynthia: Fuku :-D
(12:25:29 AM) Cynthia: they're so cute XD
(12:25:31 AM) Me: ahahhahaa oh boys XDDD
(12:25:58 AM) Me: those eyesssssssss
(12:26:03 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:27:19 AM) Cynthia: uh oh
(12:28:38 AM) Me: here it comesssssssss
(12:30:12 AM) Me: uh-ohhhhh
(12:30:23 AM) Cynthia: *FACEPALM*
(12:31:42 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:32:36 AM) Cynthia: poor Waya
(12:32:41 AM) Me: DDD:
(12:33:19 AM) Me: Sai XDDD
(12:33:51 AM) Cynthia: SAI THINKS SO TOO
(12:34:17 AM) Cynthia: that
(12:34:24 AM) Cynthia: that's a good lie actually
(12:34:26 AM) Me: ahahaha
(12:34:57 AM) Me: poor nameless kid
(12:35:15 AM) Cynthia: ahaha
(12:36:02 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:36:32 AM) Cynthia: now I can hear Sakurai in Honda
(12:36:51 AM) Me: ahahahadfakjfdhjadfh
(12:36:56 AM) Me: they're all talking about other people
(12:37:13 AM) Me: and Hikaru just thinks "TOUYA TOUYA TOUYA TOUYA"
(12:37:17 AM) Cynthia: XD
(12:37:59 AM) Me: baaaaawwwwwwwwwww
(12:38:19 AM) Cynthia: ;__;
(12:38:24 AM) Me: ;____;
(12:39:01 AM) Cynthia: it won't be that far off, Tsutsui-san~
(12:39:05 AM) Me: \o/
(12:40:46 AM) Cynthia: oh, Go club episode1
(12:41:00 AM) Me: sad one ;____;
(12:41:03 AM) Cynthia: ;___;
(12:41:29 AM) Cynthia: I think this is where I kinda started shipping Akari/Mitani
(12:42:18 AM) Me: this is the one where I actually don't like Akari that much
(12:42:51 AM) Cynthia: XD;
(12:46:05 AM) Me: Hikaru XDDD
(12:46:14 AM) Me: Akariiiiiiiii!!!
(12:46:14 AM) Cynthia: ;___;
(12:46:19 AM) Me: ;_____;
(12:47:04 AM) Me: ;____;
(12:47:47 AM) Me: XDDD
(12:47:54 AM) Cynthia: ahahaha
(12:48:31 AM) Me: aaaaaaaaaa
(12:48:35 AM) Me: nooooooooooooooooo
(12:48:38 AM) Cynthia: D:
(12:49:16 AM) Cynthia: DD:
(12:49:20 AM) Me: DDDDD:
(12:50:49 AM) Me: ;_____;
(12:50:54 AM) Cynthia: ;___;
(12:52:48 AM) Me: Koike!!!
(12:53:36 AM) Cynthia: oh boy
(12:53:40 AM) Me: DD:
(12:54:29 AM) Me: ;__;
(12:54:38 AM) Cynthia: ;__;
(12:55:55 AM) Me: ;___;
(12:55:57 AM) Cynthia: ;___;
(12:56:23 AM) Me: ;____;
(12:56:56 AM) Me: \o/!!!!!
(12:57:02 AM) Cynthia: YAAAY
(12:57:46 AM) Me: Kaneko!!
(12:57:51 AM) Cynthia: YAAAY
(12:58:46 AM) Cynthia: XDD
(12:58:54 AM) Cynthia: these two are so OTP
(12:58:57 AM) Me: hahaha
(12:59:42 AM) Me: XDD
(12:59:51 AM) Cynthia: I love her XD
(1:01:25 AM) Me: XDDD
(1:01:28 AM) Cynthia: XD
(1:01:54 AM) Cynthia: she just knows exactly how to get under his skin
(1:02:13 AM) Me: yesssss
(1:02:35 AM) Me: I'll brb, pause at the end of the OP if I'm not back in time
(1:02:46 AM) Cynthia: kay
(1:04:47 AM) Me: back~
(1:04:55 AM) Cynthia: I just started the OP
(1:05:27 AM) Me: tell me when you're at the end of it. :D;
(1:06:19 AM) Cynthia: there!
(1:07:51 AM) Me: Wakajishisen!! \o/
(1:08:04 AM) Me: SLOW-MO RUNNING
(1:08:28 AM) Me: XDD
(1:08:28 AM) Cynthia: XD
(1:09:00 AM) Cynthia: what an ugly suit
(1:09:04 AM) Me: sporting the typical Go pro wardrobe
(1:09:29 AM) Cynthia: jerk
(1:09:55 AM) Me: Akiraaaaaa!! \o/
(1:10:01 AM) Me: Saeki!
(1:10:25 AM) Me: ahahaha
(1:11:23 AM) Cynthia: SO SWEATY
(1:12:02 AM) Me: SO CLOSE
(1:12:04 AM) Me: YET SO FAR
(1:12:08 AM) Me: oh hey it's Ogata
(1:13:14 AM) Me: DANGER
(1:13:21 AM) Me: OMINOUS MUSIC
(1:13:28 AM) Cynthia: XD
(1:14:33 AM) Me: Sai XD
(1:15:49 AM) Cynthia: drunk GO
(1:15:55 AM) Me: ahahaha
(1:16:28 AM) Me: pretty board :D
(1:16:46 AM) Me: Sai ;__;
(1:16:47 AM) Cynthia: : (
(1:18:28 AM) Me: XDDD
(1:18:32 AM) Cynthia: XD
(1:18:45 AM) Me: Sai, watch!
(1:19:17 AM) Cynthia: Hikaru's secret weapon shows itself
(1:20:37 AM) Cynthia: everyone else is watching either Isumi or Touya
(1:20:52 AM) Me: they don't know what they're missing!
(1:22:13 AM) Me: Honda's the one up against Touya?
(1:22:15 AM) Me: poor guys
(1:22:16 AM) Me: -s
(1:22:22 AM) Cynthia: D:
(1:22:46 AM) Me: YAAAAAAAAY!!!
(1:22:51 AM) Cynthia: \o/
(1:23:18 AM) Cynthia: YEAH WAYA
(1:23:45 AM) Me: Turn arouuuuuunnnnnnd
(1:23:46 AM) Cynthia: lol Touya is focused on Hikaru
(1:24:24 AM) Cynthia: :OOO
(1:25:14 AM) Me: +1 mindrape!
(1:25:49 AM) Me: maaaaan, so we don't see the end of the Wakajishisen in this episode? 8(
(1:25:56 AM) Cynthia: D:

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