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Chapter 64 translation (Umeko ver.)

For the time being, I'm picking up on translation where Cynthia left off!! Keep in mind that my Japanese is not as good as hers, so this will probably quite different in the final version. (I'm also sick and delirious.)

So I might just use some ridiculous terms since it's going to be changed around anyway. 8D

Page 42/42 done. COMPLETE! :OOO

Page 11
Still no word on Scar?
No, sir! My utmost apologies. We are working as hard as we can on investigating.
What's with that pompous-looking man?
Shh! Quiet, we need to do a full-scale cooperation. [?? Not sure what this is, or if there's a better military term for it? XD;;]
At any rate, it's an order from the bigwigs at Central.
They said that this man is being entrusted with dealing with Scar and the like.
WTF?! Didn't they say they'd leave it up to us here at Northern Headquarters?
Kimbley-dono [Umm, keeping -sama and the like is all well and fine, I guess, but what about -dono...?]
A person resembling Scar was witnessed in the vicinity of the freight train terminal at North City Station.
Just now.

Page 12
Surround the freight train terminal!
Send out vehicles! North City Station!
Any accomplices? [Lit. "traveling companions," but it's not like Scar-ke is headed off to Bermuda for a family vacation or anything, right...?]
We have one confirmed.
A middle-aged man with black hair,
according to information from Central.
I'm off to work.
Don't get in my way.

Page 13
Walk faster.
Surround the cargo terminal.
I can shoot them from this range.
But we're just backup.
What?! You mean we can't shoot even if they're right in front of us?!

Page 14
(It's an order from Central!)
(Do as Kimbley-san says!)
They've gone into the third cargo car.
It's a military-use car.
So that means they're going to Briggs. Bastards, are they trying to stowaway?
Kimbley-san, they're in car number 3.

Page 15
Doctor Marcoh, I presume?
I've come to pick you up.
You can't run away anymore.
Are you alone? Where is Scar?
You don't know when to give up...!
Didn't I say you can't run away?
Doctor Mar...

Page 16

Page 17
So you're the rumored Ishbalan.

Page 21
Do you think Scar-san and Yoki-san are all right?
Yeah. I'm sure they're distracting the military police just fine.
Thanks to them, we're off their radar.
It's a good think we took an extra precaution in detouring to the east and then heading north.
It's nothing.
My skin hasn't cured and is sensitive to the northern winds.
I am sorry... I hope it heals into a more attractive-looking face...
Haha... it's fine. This face suits me. [Oh Marcoh you so emo!]

Page 22
Mei-chan, look.
It's the Briggs mountain range.
Those mountains mark the national border of the great northern nation of Drachma.
It really feels as if we've made it to the remote north region. Are we at the place Scar indicated yet?
We are almost there!

Page 23
This is Scar's brother's research notes...
The one with the secrets of uniting Xing's rentanjutsu and Amestris' alchemy! Do you think it holds the methods of immortality?
I'm not sure.
So these are the notes of hope.
Or they may turn out to be the notes of despair...
Eh? They've checked out of the hotel?
Yes, sometime yesterday.

Page 24
Did they say anything?
I haven't been told of any message for you...
(And I was thinking of finally sending Al this good polishing oil I found...)
Do you know where they were going?
They were talking about reserving tickets for a coach train to Briggs in the north.
The north......
Those idiots...
Well? Are the brothers doing well?
Ed is going to the north in that condition.
Oh my, that means...
He'll die.

Page 25
BKKSCHOOOOO!!! [Hmm... I need to work on BokuxNeko.]
Brother, do you have a cold?
Oooh~~~~ It's cold~~~~
As to be expected from Briggs.
This is it, buckos.
If you go along this road here you'll find yourself at Briggs Fortress.
Ahh, the weather is changing on the mountaintop.
If you're going, go quickly.
Ah... you!
The bigger one!

Page 26
Is that automail?
No, it's just armor.
Ah, but I have automail.
Go quickly.
You'll die.
Also, beyond that fence it's military territory.
If you stray from the road, you'll die.

Page 27
Easy for him to say the mountain's weather is changing, but...
To think it changes this drastically!! [Hahaha, is Al protecting his privates from being exposed???? XDDDD]
Whad do we do, Brother?!! We've completely lost sight of the road!!
Ahhhhhh, don't worry, Al!
Teacher Izumi was thrown into the wintry Briggs Mountains for one month when she was training, and she came out of it just fine!
She was lying!! She was definitely lying!! There's no way she could have survived in this for one month!!
...She said she even defeated a bear!!
She was lying!! I hear the bears in Briggs are more than two meters tall when they stand upright!!
She can't have possiby defeated......

Page 28

Page 29
That's not a bear!!
That's an army uniform!!
Hey, wait!!

Page 30
Hohhohhhh, so you have automail, too.
It's so bland.
Same to you, yours is really gaudy. [Oooh, I like the buttons on Ed's collar...]
Ngh!! You don't know beautiful craftsmanship when you see it, you fool!!
Combat automail M1913-A "Crocodile"!!
If you don't want to be decimated then you'd come quietly, you Drachman spies!!
What are you talking about, we're...

Page 31
Why you...
You don't know what you're talking about, you big lug!!
(What's with this pain...)
(My automail isn't moving well!!)

Page 32
I got you!!
You bastard... stobbit!! [I don't know what he's SUPPOSED to be saying here, but...]
Listen to what people have to say!! (I got snow down my back!!)

Page 33
You still defy me! [OMFG HIS ARM IS A LAWNMOWER]

Page 34
WTF IS THIS----?!!!
I've weakened your automail!!
Why you......
The weakened one is...

Page 35
Were you doing something?
OWAAAAHHH!! Wait, time out, time out!!

Page 36
Thank you, Al!!

Page 37
[No idea how to translate this...]
That bastard.
I'll be killed by Winry before I can die in the snowy mountains.
You've done it, kid.
Good job, for normal automail.
But this is as far as it goes.

Page 38
Briggs Mountain Security?!
Hey hey...
You still have us at gunpoint?
What is it, Captain Buccaneer?
Sir! Apologies for the noise, Major General Armstrong!!
That's who Major Armstrong said we should introduce ourselves to...

Page 39
Major General Olivier Mila Armstrong...
The Major's older sister!!
(She doesn't look like him!!)
(She's not that big!!)
Who are you?
Ah... The Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric!!
We were sent from Central by Major Armstrong to introduce ourselves to Major General Arm...... Arrgh, this is confusing!!
We've come to meet you, Major General!
But we'd first like you to call off your guards!

Page 40
Conduct a full-body search.
I said we're not anyone suspicious!
How do I know? Anyone can rattle off the names of famous people.
Uwah, it's empty?!
Major General!
It's a letter of introduction from Major Alex Louis Armstrong!
If you read it, you'll know that we're not anyone suspicious!

Page 41
This is definitely Alex.
You didn't read it?!
Letters of introduction have no meaning to me.
I don't need evaluations from other people.
I judge people with my own eyes.

Page 42
Come in, Fullmetal Alchemist.
A word of precaution: I will not treat you as a child.
This is Briggs, the land of natural defense.
A world of survival of the fittest.
If you aren't strong, you won't survive! In the vast land of Briggs in the north, the story is speeding up!!
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