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  • Sat, 14:42: RT @electrapng: Victor got really emo after Yuuri autonomously flirted with someone else and then painted a true masterpiece portraying his…
  • Sat, 18:40: Me: Soft-boiled is the only way to prepare eggs! Bro: *eating scrambled egg* What was that? Me: I said Rem Is best girl. Bro: Oh, okay then.
  • Sat, 19:12: Bro 2: I want to try watching One Punch Man. Me: Okay, good luck pulling Bro 1 away from Re:ZERO. (It didn't work, we're binging Re:ZERO)
  • Sat, 22:39: Brother: Can we have a Japanese Christmas dinner tomorrow? Me: ...???? You mean KFC?????
  • Sun, 09:11: My Christmas haul! \o/
  • Sun, 10:41: Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄🎁🎉 I posted the Hoennchampionshipping manga I drew for the doujin anthology last year~…
  • Sun, 11:37: I found out my youngest brother has a twitter account, and it's full of tweets pandering to a local burger joint. My brother is a sellout.
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