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  • Mon, 20:36: The HD remastering was VERY kind to Ojamajo Doremi *__*
  • Mon, 21:13: Me: hmm these extra feature quizzes are getting a bit harder... Next question: What's Doremi's favorite food? Me:
  • Tue, 13:19: This year I decorated the bank with my 20-year-old @American_Girl Christmas tree! This playset is CRAZY detailed.
  • Tue, 15:20: "unbetaed because I'm writing during school and my beta's in class" I'd love to say I don't judge when I see this on a fic but I do
  • Tue, 17:29: RT @aia_YOI: ↑の『ユーリオンライスって素で間違えたよそれつまりカツ丼じゃん!?』という、どうしようもないネタから生まれた勇ヴィクさん 勇利さんのカツ丼スイッチ入りました〜わぁぁぁ
  • Tue, 17:34: I was wondering where "the moon is pretty" meaning "I love you" came from because it's just one of those things I KNOW but don't know how...
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