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  • Mon, 19:56: @SuperJeenius Not sure if you're keeping an eye on the comments, but your commentary audio is a little out of sync in the new video.
  • Tue, 12:23: Banking PSA: If you are escorted into the vault, please do not touch random things in the vault. especially if it LOOKS LIKE CASH
  • Tue, 14:15: No hate, but I feel like Gakuen Handsome doesn't take itself seriously enough to actually be funny. It's just... unironically bad.
  • Tue, 16:24: RT @ns_soubu: 逆蔵生きてるしこの世は希望に満ちている、宗逆は希望…生存ifアンソロ発行決定おめでとうございます&ありがとうございます~!宗逆アンソロやったーーーー!!!!!のテンションで描いた
  • Tue, 17:58: Mattete Ai no Uta is the best Aqours song and if you disagree then you're wrong
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