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Name: Kirsten
Nickname: Umeko, Nutty, etc.
Age: 19
Birthdate: August 14, 1986 (Leo)
Blood Type: O-
Height: 5'8"
School: Bryn Mawr College
Year: Sophomore
Major: Math (possibly)
Favorite Color: Pink, other pastels, white
Favorite Anime: Ojamajo Doremi, Hikaru no Go
Favorite Manga: Fullmetal Alchemist, Hikaru no Go, Death Note, Yakitate!! Japan

♪Wednesday, December 07, 2016♪

12.07.16 ♪ 12:00 PM
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  • Wed, 10:04: kinda irks me when YOI fics reference Russian LGBT rights, esp. if just in passing. If you're gonna put politics in your fic, commit to it!

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♪Tuesday, December 06, 2016♪

12.06.16 ♪ 17:58 PM
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  • Mon, 20:36: The HD remastering was VERY kind to Ojamajo Doremi *__*
  • Mon, 21:13: Me: hmm these extra feature quizzes are getting a bit harder... Next question: What's Doremi's favorite food? Me:
  • Tue, 13:19: This year I decorated the bank with my 20-year-old @American_Girl Christmas tree! This playset is CRAZY detailed.
  • Tue, 15:20: "unbetaed because I'm writing during school and my beta's in class" I'd love to say I don't judge when I see this on a fic but I do
  • Tue, 17:29: RT @aia_YOI: ↑の『ユーリオンライスって素で間違えたよそれつまりカツ丼じゃん!?』という、どうしようもないネタから生まれた勇ヴィクさん 勇利さんのカツ丼スイッチ入りました〜わぁぁぁ
  • Tue, 17:34: I was wondering where "the moon is pretty" meaning "I love you" came from because it's just one of those things I KNOW but don't know how...

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♪Monday, December 05, 2016♪

12.05.16 ♪ 12:49 PM
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♪Saturday, December 03, 2016♪

12.03.16 ♪ 12:00 PM
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♪Friday, December 02, 2016♪

12.02.16 ♪ 23:37 PM
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  • Fri, 08:19: waking up to find that XYventures was updated is a great feeling
  • Fri, 09:49: A year ago I made possibly the most terrifying tweet ever
  • Fri, 09:51: RT @doremi_BDBOX: 【本日発売!!】皆様お待たせいたしました!おジャ魔女どれみBlu-rayBOX!いよいよ本日発売です! 無事にこの日を迎えられ、皆様にお届けできることを心より嬉しく思っております! #おジャ魔女
  • Fri, 09:52: >RT COME TO ME MY PRECIOUS
  • Fri, 09:56: I would really love these can badges thooooooo but I wanted the Umakoshi canvas art from Amazon even more ^q^
  • Fri, 09:58: I don't know that most of my twitter followers realize how important Ojamajo Doremi is to me but it is VERY important
  • Fri, 10:21: I still laugh when I think about how Space Patrol Luluco was basically just "SURPRISE this is TRIGGER the anime meet our mascot!!!!"
  • Fri, 10:44: Me: Hmm, not sure if I want to stay for the @PhillyWrimos social tomorrow, I'll just check the menu— >Arancini !!!!!!!!!! im there
  • Fri, 18:50:
  • Fri, 19:07: My gyoza is on a doily!! ❤️❤️❤️
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♪Thursday, December 01, 2016♪

12.01.16 ♪ 23:46 PM
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♪Wednesday, November 30, 2016♪

11.30.16 ♪ 23:46 PM
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♪Tuesday, November 29, 2016♪

11.29.16 ♪ 20:50 PM
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  • Tue, 09:35: RT @doremi_BDBOX: 【商品情報】『おジャ魔女どれみBlu-rayBOX』いよいよ今週12/2発売です!初回生産限定特典は新作録り下ろしのドラマCD!通常特典として馬越嘉彦描き下ろしケースを始め盛りだくさん! 是非チェックしてみてくださね!#おジャ魔女 https…
  • Tue, 19:23: How does "dirndl" become ディアンドル???

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♪Monday, November 28, 2016♪

11.28.16 ♪ 15:06 PM
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♪Sunday, November 27, 2016♪

11.27.16 ♪ 12:00 PM
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♪Friday, November 25, 2016♪

11.25.16 ♪ 18:01 PM
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♪Thursday, November 24, 2016♪

11.24.16 ♪ 12:00 PM
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♪Wednesday, November 23, 2016♪

11.23.16 ♪ 12:00 PM
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  • Tue, 12:45: Can we talk about how the DR3 DVD box art all looks, like... HAPPY in contrast to the blood-splattered Bluray boxes…
  • Wed, 08:06: yesss let's go
  • Wed, 09:16: Last night I dreamt that there was a live-action high school reboot of the Magic School Bus.
  • Wed, 11:48: I've been seeing people all celebrating that Yuri on Ice is the first sports anime with a canon gay couple but, like Prince of Tennis???

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♪Tuesday, November 22, 2016♪

11.22.16 ♪ 12:00 PM
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♪Monday, November 21, 2016♪

11.21.16 ♪ 12:00 PM
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  • Sun, 18:09: in-betweens are great
  • Sun, 18:38: Got caught up with Yuri on Ice such a good and pure depiction of love!!! gosh it's so great aaaaaaaaa
  • Sun, 19:14: this is. kind of creepy what......
  • Sun, 20:29: Someday, I want to tell an Islamophobe to their face that Allah is the same God as the Christian God. Blow their mind a little.
  • Sun, 21:07: Brother: What are you doing? Me: Writing. Bro: Is it #NaNoWriMo right now? Me: Yes. Bro: ...wanna watch anime with me instead? Me: ...ok.

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♪Sunday, November 20, 2016♪

11.20.16 ♪ 18:04 PM
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♪Saturday, November 19, 2016♪

11.19.16 ♪ 23:38 PM
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  • Sat, 15:04: RT @WFRainbows: Going through the draft of chapter 8, I notice that I've used the words "Nidai" and "muted" in the same sentence. Complete…
  • Sat, 15:43: what makes you think I want these highlights, twitter
  • Sat, 16:29: Went to look up the pubic transit route I should take home and my dog is still alive in Google Maps 😭😭😭
  • Sat, 17:45: Finally getting back to playing Sun and I am REALLY UPSET that "use most recent item" is gone! Otherwise I really really love the battle UI
  • Sat, 17:54: wtf alola rattata has a moustache
  • Sat, 18:16: Hey, if someone could get me staff permissions to edit @Bulbapedia again that would be really fab, thanks
  • Sat, 21:16: I'm not going to Lili'i Town until I catch a female Pichu!!!!

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♪Friday, November 18, 2016♪

11.18.16 ♪ 12:00 PM
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11.18.16 ♪ 09:19 AM
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  • Thu, 10:14: *sudden in-stock notification from Surugaya* Me: *DROPS EVERYTHING* IT BETTER BE A KUZUHINA DOUJIN it was a kuzuhina doujin 😭🙏✨
  • Thu, 11:56: RT @Shigeru_Ohmori: 『ポケットモンスター サン・ムーン』発売日となりました! たくさんのポケモンと出会い、共に成長しながら、アローラの冒険を楽しんでください! 「アローラにようこそ!!」
  • Thu, 18:44: anime of the season
  • Fri, 09:09: You're reviewing a one-shot fic. Which I wrote literally ten years ago. So... yeah, I wouldn't hold out hope for…

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♪Wednesday, November 16, 2016♪

11.16.16 ♪ 12:00 PM
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  • Wed, 11:33: Fall 2016 anime season sucks. Everything I'm watching comes out on Saturdays, so there's nothing to look forward to the rest of the week. :/

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